me22Meet Eileen Anglin and The Path of the White Rose®

Author, angelic energy artist, energy healing master and intuitive life coach creating global change, one heart at a time.

“I work with the Archangels to create global change, one heart at a time.”

My  life’s work is to create art, audio tools and meditations that help guide others to connect to the Divine in their daily life, strengthen their connection to the angels, and help to awaken our evolving humanity on this Earth, the blue jewel we live on.

I want to help you elevate your life, heal your heart, create self-worth, live your true purpose and shine your light out into the world with the help of the archangels.

Helping you move past fear and not feeling good enough to live the life you were born to live. It’s time to shine your light. The world needs it.

Founder of The Path of the White Rose® LLC in  1990

Creator of White Rose Ascension Healing System

Creator of Archangel Empowerment® Intuitive Life Coaching, Events, Classes and guided meditations.

I’ve created this site to give you tools and insight if you want to create the best life, be seen, feel good enough to step onto the stage of life just as you are right now, and know you are worthy of your goals and dreams.

I am also an Earth Activist. I am passionate about creating global change by opening one heart at a time.

This beautiful planet was created for all of us to experience love, peace, happiness and fulfillment.

Awards and Recognition:

  • Winner of About.com Readers Choice Favorite Angel Intuitive 2012
  • About.com Readers Choice Favorite Angel Intuitive Nominee 2013
  • Spirited Women May 2014
  • Featured in Bryant McGill’s Simplereminders
  • Invited to NASA for her social media followers

“My energy art work reflects the power of transformation, healing and inspiration from our connection to Divine Source and our spiritual connection to Nature and animals.”

My Story

Since childhood, I could commune with divine beings, nature and animals. I could sense the thoughts and feelings of others. I thought everyone could until I entered kindergarten. I had two near death experiences where I was surrounded by angels, one as a toddler and another as a teen. I have heard angels singing, seen them, felt them and have had them save me from disaster. I have had a visitation from Mother Mary and The Christ. I have so many miraculous stories to tell you.


My Mission – Why I Do this

All of us want to figure out what we are doing here. We all want our lives to have meant something. To do something that mattered.

What is it I want to stand for? What really matters to me? 

I am passionate about this planet, and that every being on it evolves into a higher consciousness. Compassionate, empathy, kindness, stewardship.

For all of us to be able to ascend to this, I know we all must heal from within and individually raise our consciousness my connecting to our divinity and be guided by the higher realms of thought, love and consciousness.

My life’s work is to create art, guided meditations, classes, tools and insights to empower you, to elevate your life on the planet and how you experience it. Your highest vision of it.

My mission is to spread the word that everyone and anyone can learn to connect to the archangels, nature and the Divine realms. It’s for everyone no matter what your age, sex, race, creed, religion or political status.

Through the tools I have created and through my guided meditations, art, classes, writings and public speaking, I want to bring the realm of the Divine to everyone. To bring not only the messages, but the access to the Divine to every person.

I want you to know that accessing the love, healing and wisdom of the angels and Divinity is easier than you think and it’s something you can bring into your daily life. That you don’t need to be “a psychic” to do it. That you don’t need to go to someone else to talk to your angels. That you don’t need to rely on someone else to be your connection to the Divine Realms. Because the truth is, we are all special in this way. God gave us all the ability to do this. I want to teach you how to do that. I want to help you to believe that. I want to guide you to remember your Divinity.

Only through the elevation and healing of each and every one of us will we change the world. And that’s my mission.

Are you looking to read something that can elevate your thoughts? Check out my Blog.

I’ve recorded Angelic meditations  on MP3 and CD that you have access to whenever you want, for as long as you want to experience them.

Are you looking to create Divine space around you?  Would you like visual reminders of the angelic realms? My Angelic Energy Art it is available in all sizes and prices for so you can bring the inspirational, healing energy of the angels into your home or office.

I work as a life coach with Archangel Empowerment® Coaching.

You can commission your own guardian angel portrait.

Would you like to access peace and feel balance and expansive?  Sign up for emails  and receive a free short guided meditation I call “Heart’s Peace.”

What is The Path of the White Rose®?

I founded The Path of the White Rose® many years ago. I connect with the White Rose Brotherhood (or as I call them, my White Rose Spiritual Team) and teach others how to  create your own spiritual team to connect to the divine source of all things, create change and channel healing and wisdom for themselves and others. I also coach people to heal and elevate their own lives, so they can create their highest vision for their lives here, and therefore be a source of healing and inspiration for others.


I always say, “the change we want to see on our planet comes from each of us healing our own stuff. My focus is to heal the Earth, one person at a time.”
I connect with the White Rose (or as I call them, my White Rose Spiritual Team) For me, The Order of The White Rose is a group of archangels by Mother Mary with messages from the Divine. But it has a strong connection to the God In All Things, with the Goddess, with Nature. I connect with, channel, teach, heal and paint with these holy beings in my work with others.
The White Rose is the symbol used for Highest Grace, Truth, Honor, Purity of Heart , and of God’s healing power and love made manifest on Earth. The White Rose is the “Calling Card” of Mother Mary.When the White Rose appears in your life, it is a message that very high spiritual work will be done with you and through you, and that you have been touched and blessed by the very highest of beings that work within our Universe.


Those who have agreed to come to the Earth to assist it will be “awakened” by this High Order. Some of you are called upon by the White Rose to do important work within this world, and will be given the White Rose as a symbol of this call in dreams, visions, meditations or continuously see it in your waking life.


Many of you are sent to my site to learn more about your calling.


“When the White Rose appears in your life, it is a message that very high spiritual work will be done with you and through you, and that you have been touched and blessed by the very highest of beings that work within our Universe”

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