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 In today’s crazy-busy modern life with all it’s distractions and stress, it can make us feel overwhelmed and we forget to connect to the unlimited source that provides what feeds our soul.

When we are in a funk, when we can’t see the forest through the trees and cannot seem to see the good in our lives, it can be hard to hear people say “Gratitude!” 

For one thing, it makes you feel even more like you are out of the abundance loop, that there is some secret angel party that you would like to join, but don’t know how. You feel frustrate and wonder if the angels are even listening or watching over you at all. 

If we don’t do something to shift out of feeling pessimistic and alone we can struggle to get on the path God intended for us.

 It is even more important at this time to commit to a daily practice that will raise your vibration and connect you to your own divinity and to God’s messengers, the archangels. 

It is imperative that you commit to a act of self care that leaves you feeling blessed and connected to yourself, the angels, and God and the greater good.

For me, my daily commitment to connect is by spending time in nature, my gardens or by putting on a guided meditation. All of these things take me to this place.

I will tell you honestly I use the guided meditations that I created. I worked with the archangels to bring forth something we all need from time to time, and that I needed in my life would use again and again too!

This is why I created the two guided angelic energy meditations for you to use to connect and to create a way to go into that divine space.   

“The Lift Off meditation gave me the opportunity to work more withArchangels Michael and Raphael. I love that it is shorter and I can use it any time during the week and it does not take much time to feel balanced and cleared. I also loved the new way to ground that was presented as I was having problems staying grounded with the old methods as they were not working. The grounding method presented is great and a quick way to feel connected.” ~A
“I purchased the Angelic Light Ray meditation and use it every Saturday evening. It helps to center and clear me from energies that I picked up during the week. I feel refreshed and renewed after the meditation and I love working with the different angels for each chakra and their light rays.” ~K

 I use the “Lift Off with Archangels Michael and Raphael ” when  I am feeling  really buffered by life’s waves. Or when I’ve been around people who don’t uplift me. 

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 I use the Angelic Light Ray and Invocation meditation when I really want to go into a space of being blessed with divine grace. For peace and balance, but also during times in my life that I lack energy, need extra help or am faced with a important choice or crossroads in my life.  I seek the blessings of the 7 Archangels of the divine Light Rays.

angelic light ray healing


Both of these meditations can be ordered in CD or MP3  by clicking here. You can also listen to a sample before you purchase.

Eileen Anglin The Path of the White Rose LLC

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