I am writing a book and for the past year or so, it’s taken all my focus. In order to focus, I put myself into my hermit cave and cut back on my one on one sessions for two years. I am excited to let you know I have finally completed the major portion of my book and it’s being edited. Whew! I can now begin to open my schedule up to my one on one intuitive healing work again.
If you are interested in an angel session, including my most popular session, the White Rose Scan and Clear energy healing or any of my intuitive services below you can book your session here or send me an email at eileenanglin.com

I look forward to connecting with you and the angels!

love, Eileeneileenanglincoaching

All appointments are via phone/Skype


“You heal whoever you touch, you are always so in tune and right on! Eileen
really is a star angel here on this earth to help guide and heal us. Her
gift is priceless.” ~N

“Eileen is truly gifted in her ability to “dial up” one’s guides as she was able to get straight to the heart of the matter in regards to my starseed origins & what I am here to do/doing. She provided a great deal of insight into many of the issues and questions which have been lifelong for me — without my even asking — which is validation in and of itself, and for that I am eternally thankful!” ~A
“Unbelievable! She saw the past lives around me. I now realize what is
playing out. She is amazing and I definitely recommend her and will be
talking to her again.” `C

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Archangel Empowerment® Sessions – one on one spirit guided sessions that can transform your life.

In this session you will:

Connect with the archangels

Raise your vibration

Receive Intuitive insights:  Angel Cards, Past Lives, Animal Spirits, Starseed

Receive helpful life skills and affirmations from the archangels to use in your daily life

Energy work

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 Archangel Empowerment® Focus Sessions

When the “law of attraction” just isn’t working. When the goals you try to achieve never manifest. When all the books, prayers, readings and workshops have not brought you any closer to that thing you are missing in your life.

Sessions to help you move past fear and not feeling good enough to live the life you were born to live. Shine your light, because it’s needed.

Work with me and the archangels on a one on one call to begin moving you in the right direction! We will work together to create the life you want.

4 Week Archangel Empowerment® Focus Intuitive Coaching 

12 Week Archangel Empowerment  Enhanced Transformational Package

Special Intuitive Services and Packages

4 Week Archangel Empowerment® Focus Coaching  Sessions For Healers and Lightworkers

12 Week Archangel Empowerment  Enhanced Transformational Package

Pre-Surgery Reiki 

Past Life Reading

Angelic Energy Session

Quick White Rose Scan and Clear Session

Quick White Rose Ascension Healing System™ Scan & Clear by Email

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Shining your light, because it's needed. If you would like a intuitive life coaching with me around feeling good enough and shining your light, click to learn more and schedule a session.What is Archangel Empowerment® Focus Coaching?

Where have you been stuck? What is your biggest life challenge?

Do you have a goal in life that you have never been able to reach?

Do you sense that something is blocking it and that something may be you?

Would you like the help of the archangels to break through the frustration and discouragement of never achieving what you want out of life?

Dismantle the old beliefs, thoughts, and patterns that keep you stuck with the angels.

Schedule your angelic life coaching session now!

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