• Strengthen your own personal connection to the angels, helping you to see, hear or feel their guidance.
  • Start the day off peaceful, centered, empowered and connected to the angels!
  • Invoke a powerful archangel to work within your life everyday
  • Raise your vibration
  • Feel more positive and inspired as you go about your day
  • Learn and practice seven essential habits to a happy life under the guidance of an Archangel.
  • Every day you will be invoking an archangel to work with you throughout the day to heal and shift your life.
  • A daily practice that can fit into your daily regime and create powerful shifts!


I am excited to bring to you my new Archangel Empowerment Meditation, Affirmations and Invocations!

I created it when I was needing something for my own daily practice.  At this time, the current energy on the planet really does requires a daily regime if you want to remain centered and balanced.

My mind can get busy with mental chatter.  I find guided meditations help with that. If it’s just music my mind begins to wander off to my the list of things I have to do that day. I wanted something I could do on a daily basis. A combination of meditation, intention for the rest of my day and a connection to the archangels.

For me, if it’s too long, I won’t do it as often as I need to do it. I want to get into that place of peace and connection with the angels and start the day. If a meditation is 30-40 minutes long, I won’t fit it into my busy day and it won’t become a daily habit. Are you the same way?

I want to connect with the archangels in a powerful way. To ask them to guide me throughout my day. I also wanted  to focus on a specific intention that allows me to manifest my best life.

Then the angels whispered to me; “We will create it together. For you and for others.” And so that is just what we did.

Click here to find out more about it and download yours.

Thank you for honoring me with guiding you, even in some small way, through our journey of life on the beautiful jewel we call home.

Thank you for being on this journey with me.

Walk in grace and may peace and fulfillment be on your path,