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Archangel Gabriel can assist you with finding out what your life purpose is or getting back on your path. Call on him to help you take action towards your life’s vision.


Archangel Gabriel,  is the herald of the Christmas story. He was the angel featured throughout the events in the birth of Jesus of Nazareth. Gabriel filled the world with a new vision when he heralded in the birth of Jesus with ” a voice as big as the sun.” He spoke to Mother Mary of her life’s mission. Given that our Creator entrusted Gabriel with such important tasks during that time on Earth, he can certainly can help you and I with our life mission.


I’ve created a way you can easily connect to Gabriel today and get help on your life’s mission.
Wait until you have 5 minutes that you can be quiet and be undisturbed.
Turn off your phone and grab a pen and paper.
  • Begin by relaxing your body and breathing in slowly and deeply.
  • Bring your awareness and your breath into your heart chakra, the center of your chest.
  • Call out to Archangel Gabriel and ask him to work directly with you and within your life.
  • Take a few moments to feel this Divine connection occur (It may feel subtle, or you may feel nothing at all, but Gabriel is connecting with you, surrounding you. It is Divine Law and God’s promise to us when we ask, we receive it.)
  • Now ask Gabriel: What is the reason why I am here?”
  • Write down what comes to you.
  • Take some time to reflect what you wrote down, and think of a way you could create a daily reminder of why God has sent you to all of us. Ask Gabriel to help you create this reminder.
For example, you could find a piece of jewelry you could wear everyday that reminds you of this. Or an affirmation or picture you can put on your desk, a mirror, or your computer.
    • Thank Gabriel and ask him to continue to work with you on a daily basis.

Who is Archangel Gabriel?

Gabriel is the archangel of communications of all kinds. Gabriel is the messenger of the Creator. Gabriel’s name means ‘God is my strength’. To me he appears as a tall, slim and soft featured male with light brown-blond curling hair and amazingly blue eyes.  He is robed in white with incredibly bright white and yellow energy. He is the Master of the White Light Ray. There are four archangels who are guardians of the four corners of the earth – North, East, South and West.  Gabriel is the angel of the West and also of the element of water.

What Can Archangel Gabriel Help Us With?

  • Confidence
  • Creativity
  • Focus.
  • Communication
  • Courage
  • Divine Connection
  • Discernment
  • Choices
  • Faith
  • Connection with God and the Divine Realms

Gabriel lends us strength through Divine connection, any time we need strength, faith, confidence and courage, and a strong connection to God, Gabriel can help us with that. He is also very helpful with public speaking, writing and creation of all kinds. He is very helpful to those in the arts such as actors, visual artist and creatives of all kinds.

Anytime you create something and want to present it to the world, Gabriel is your archangel to call upon.

Gabriel assists us in achieving the mental clarity and focus. Discernment. Making choices for our highest good. Giving us the clarity, focus, courage and confidence to take the next step on our path. Because he is the master of communications and messages, Gabriel is especially helpful to those people who do any kind of teaching in the world. Feel the love, support and powerful wisdom Gabriel has for us.

Walk in grace and may peace and beauty be on your path,

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Eileen Anglin The Path of the White Rose LLC

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