I laid down the first layer of paint on my channeled angelic energy art portrait “Archangel Raphael of the Emerald Light Ray”


This is what he looked like at the end of yesterday’s channeling session.

Archangel Raphael of the Emerald Light Ray by Eileen Anglin www.whiterosepath.com


Working with the energy of Raphael has been so full of grace.

One thing I have noticed about being immersed in his energy for the channeling of his portrait is that I have been more in my heart.

I am also quicker to forgive my mistakes and faults, and the faults and imperfections of others, much more easily.

That is a beautiful thing.

I honestly didn’t think about the changes I might go through working with the Angel of Healing. I was focused on the changes and healing that would take place for those who would buy the prints and have this portrait in their spaces.

I will definitely keep you up to date with the healing that is occurring for me as I work with Raphael and create his image for all of you.

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