Little feathers are a sign from your angels that they see you, hear you and they love you.

For example, several years ago, I wondered if I should paint the visions and visitations I have had of the archangels, along with their healing energy and messages to the people of Earth. (Creating my Angelic Energy Art)  I  went for a walk to reflect on this. I was pondering this question and what this would bring to people, to my life and how would it be received. Is this what God wanted me to do in life, was it part of my mission on Earth?

Just then a little white feather came floating down, just like it did in the beginning and the end of the movie “Forrest Gump” and it landed right at my feet. Not four feet away, not a foot away, but drifted right to me. To me, that was  a sign that the angels were hearing my questions loud and clear and that they  were overseeing this part of my life. I was being divinely guided and blessed.

I always receive feathers during transitional times or life changing decisions for a better life that I am contemplating or in the midst of actively making. In fact, I received three feathers during that time. Three is a very sacred number to me. So that was further confirmation I was being divinely guided.

So yes, the feather is a sign from the angels.

It is a response to a question, a thought or an emotion you sent their way.It’s their way of saying, “you are loved and being guided through this by the angelic realm.”

I still have that little feather.

In my experience, feathers can also be from animal spirit guides if the animal guides are birds and you’re working with your animal spirit guides.


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