Do you wait to do something until you think you are ready?

How many times have you told yourself you will:

Start dating

Take a vacation

Start a hobby

Create something

Sell something

Start something

Learn something

Do something

But you are waiting until you think you are good enough? Waiting to be better at it, know more? Look better?

One thing you need to know about this is if you wait until you are perfect, that day will never come.

We care far more about what others think of us or will think of us, than what our soul wants us to do.  The parts of us that feels insecure, feels ashamed about something, doesn’t feel good enough gives other’s opinions so much power. The part of us that even as an adult, with all that we know, still feels the sting of someone’s opinion about who you are.

We oftentimes have the false misconception that those who are “successful” have their life all together, and that they know more than you do. I’m here to tell you that is an illusion, my friends. Definitely a false misconception! And anyone who is “successful” will tell you the same. They are flawed, and their lives are not perfect. They just didn’t let it stop them.

Not being good enough is a challenge most people struggle with at some point. “Successful” people don’t let it stop them from going out into the world and shining their light.

If I waited until I thought my art or writing was perfect, you wouldn’t be reading this and this website wouldn’t exist. Some people have trouble accepting what I do. I keep doing it. I won’t let it stop me. Because I know what I am doing is important. What I want to put out into this world is greater than my fear of how it will be perceived. My desire to heal this world with the messages of the archangels is bigger than what others may think of me. I believe in my message. I believe in my mission on Earth. And I ask the angels to help me get through the moments I almost stop myself because it’s not perfect.

Ask yourself, are you willing to give up life’s joys and happiness, silencing your soul’s song for what a stranger may think of  you? Are you going to to hide the light you want to shine because people may see that you are flawed? Is it going to be worth not living your life because of what your inner critic says?

When you are very old and thinking back on your life, you will be glad you let your imperfect self walk out onto the stage of life.

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Ask God to help you find the courage to accept yourself just as you are, right now.

I believe it is important to surround ourselves with people who believe in us, who think we are good enough just as we are. We need to be around people who uplift us, and cheer us on. We all need a cheerleader in life. That can be a friend, counselor or life coach. Your angels are your biggest cheerleaders, this I know. Work with your angels to shine your light and live your best life. Explore or journal what you have put off doing because you don’t think you’re good enough.

Call out to God’s angels and in sacred space, ask yourself  the following questions and write down your answers.

What do I put off because I’m waiting to be some better version of me?

What is this costing me?

If I continue to wait to be worthy, what will it cost me in 5 years, 10 years?

What is it that you want to do, or put out into this world that is greater than your fear?

Knowing I am loved, guided and held in high esteem by God and the angels, what can I do or say to embrace my imperfect self  and shine my light?

Have faith in why you were born.We are all imperfect people in an imperfect world. Your flaws are part of the gift you are to the world.

Walk in grace and may peace and fulfillment be on your path.


Do the inner work to not hold yourself back, to get out of your own way. If you would like to work on embracing all that you are, shining your light, and getting past the blocks that dim it, work with me. Learn more about my Archangel Empowerment™  Coaching sessions by phone or Skype.

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