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Not a Sparrow Falls…

"Not a single sparrow can fall to the ground without God knowing it."


“Not a single sparrow can fall to the ground without God knowing it.” I had a tough day yesterday. It began so well, but then an abandoned cat we are trying to take care of killed a fledgling bird in our yard. It was upsetting. (Outdoor cats decimate the wildlife of neighborhoods. Keep your cats […]

Interview: Eileen on “Divine Creativity,” NDE, Painting the Archangels and more


Sandra Rea, the author of “Angels Aid: Guided Meditation for Children and Parents”  interviewed me recently. We talked about how I came to connect with the Angels through a near death experience as a toddler. My portraits of the archangels and how I create them, being invited to NASA, and we also talk about how you […]

What Will You Do?


Sacred Activism: The fusion of the deepest spiritual knowledge and passion with clear, wise, radical action.” –Andrew Harvey Many people are in a place of anxiety over what is occurring all over the globe. I also created a peaceful invocation  video to help you shift your anger to a positive.   My message to you, […]

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