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Godspeed, Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy


I am so sad to hear of Leonard Nimoy’s passing today. Today I had been writing about and preparing teachings on Archangel Ariel, the “lioness of God”.  Leonine. And the name Leonard comes from that. These things are never a coincidence to me. Star Trek had a huge impact on me, and still does. I […]

Are Feathers From Angels?


Yes! Little feathers are a sign from your angels that they see you, hear you and they love you. For example, several years ago, I wondered if I should paint the visions and visitations I have had of the archangels, along with their healing energy and messages to the people of Earth. (Creating my Angelic Energy […]

Shine Brightly…


When we are working with the archangels to empower ourselves, things change. We change. Our lives change. An important reminder for when your light is either beginning to shine or already shining brightly. Love, Eileen © Copyright 2014  Eileen Anglin  The Path of the White Rose LLC Follow me on Facebook! Would you like to share […]

Archangel Raphael Energy Art Update


  Here are photos of today’s progress on my angelic energy art portrait “Archangel Raphael of the Emerald Light Ray”. I am having really amazing and beautiful moments calling in Raphael for the painting of this. Follow it’s progress here on my blog. Click to read about channeling this painting of Raphael and other channeled […]

Happy Full Sturgeon Moon


Where have I been this week? I have been immersing myself in the deep, healing energy of this week’s full moon energy. We have spent days and nights in Mother Ocean, swimming and playing in joy and deep gratitude. Last night, my husband and I took in the breathtaking beauty of the super-moon. Words and pictures […]

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