If you would like a guided meditation CD or Instant Download to clear away that which no longer serves you, I created Lift Off!
Clearing, Healing and Grounding Meditation with Archangels Michael and Archangel Raphael

I made it short so that it can be used it daily or whenever you feel the need, and not take up a lot of time. In this way, we are much more likely to use it.

Testimonial :

“The Lift Off meditation gave me the opportunity to work more with Archangels Michael and Raphael. I love that it is shorter and I can use it any time during the week and it does not take much time to feel balanced and cleared. I also loved the new way to ground that was presented as I was having problems staying grounded with the old methods as they were not working. The grounding method presented is great and a quick way to feel connected.” ~A

Available in a CD or by MP3 download.

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