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I want to start this with saying that I love and honor you, no matter who you voted for, and I love that you are here with me. I hope that even if we differ in our opinion of this outcome, we can continue to embrace each other as soul family.

Today I write on my very human feelings about the US election. Discussing my political beliefs could turn you off. You may stop following me on social media and unsubscribe from my list. This is why many in my field of work will not discuss this political situation.  It is very important for me to be transparent in an area of work where some choose to display artificially blissful and unattainable perfect lives so you buy their stuff.  Not me.

I allow myself to be human. To do anything other than that is a disservice to you. I embrace my imperfections and know that having them does not discount the wisdom I hold. The angels will still work with and through me. Doing so allows you to realize you can struggle, make mistakes, be flawed and connect with the angels too.

Everything I do, everything I write, paint, teach or record is to bring higher consciousness and an evolving human being on this planet. To bring people to make choices that elevate their life and all lives here.

As an angelic channel, I see the far reaching results for the planet and all life on it in the decisions we make now and in the near future as individuals and government entities. Especially concerning climate change and the impact that will have on Mother Earth and all that lives on her. I know God and the angels watch over us, try to guide us and love us, but no one is coming to save us from ourselves. No angel, no holy being, no spacecraft. We were given free will and we must save ourselves from our own destruction and all the innocent lives and beauty we would take with it. I cannot tell you everything will be alright if we continue to walk the path we are on. I wish I could soothe you and tell you it will, but it would not be the truth. But I can tell you what we can do about it.

My Initial Reaction

I have worked everyday for years, with a sense of urgency, to hold the space to help evolve us as a species and save our environment. I spend hours of my day writing and sharing information to heal, create awareness and change. It is my prime directive. So you can imagine,  it was with a heavy heart to see that people supported those who deny that climate change is real and are not looking to progress to renewable energy. It was a blow.  I wondered at the mental gymnastics that people who love wildlife and nature must have to go through to vote for any person who denies that climate change is real or any party that does everything in it’s power to undo the laws we have created thus far to protect it.

I also wondered how people could say they believe in God, love and oneness but align to those who exclude others rather than embrace. I woke up feeling physically ill, having gone to bed knowing the results. I slept terribly, and upon waking, the angels were knocking on the door of my consciousness with their messages, but knew I needed some time.I honored the very human space I was in. We must allow ourselves to feel what we feel in order to move out of it. Especially anger. The problem for many of us is we push it away because we judge it, or don’t want to admit we feel it. Allow yourself to embrace that shadow so you can move it to the light.

(To understand why so many are feeling the deep sense of grief,  John Pavlovitz wrote a beautiful post that explains it.)

The angels said: “Take some time, be with your feelings, and then we will speak and write on this with you.”

After many tears, some hugs from loved ones and two cups of delicious coffee, I was ready to open my heart to the angelic messages of hope and healing. After my initial feelings of shock, horror and disappointment, I was able to move into a place of grace where the angel’s messages began to come through.


Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. ~Galatians Click To Tweet


This is a Wake up Call to Act

The archangels do want you to know all is not lost.  The angels say that this election is a manifestation of our own fears and unhealed wounds. They told me the light in the world is winning, but that this shows us how far we still need to go. One thing this election will do for us is to galvanize those of us who tend to sit these things out or stay on the bench to action.  Things can and will change, but it will take each of us to do something about it. You just received a wake up call.

At the bottom of this post are a list of ways you can become active.

Things won’t “be fine” unless we all collectively work towards that. Not everything is “supposed to be.” It was choice. As humans we have free will and sometimes we make the wrong choices because the choice was made from a place of fear and not love. It all comes down to our free will and choice. In the end, this one is on us.

Do you tend to sit on the side-lines? This is a wakeup call to you to do something about the things you care about.  You are here to make a difference in some way or you would not be here. Now is not the time to sit idly by, blissfully unaware and let others do the work. Tuning it out, turning it off is to be in denial about it. I have heard people say they don’t want to know or be a part of what is happening around us because it upsets them, ” they don’t buy into that reality” or they don’t want that negativity in their day. The new age and holistic movement has had an issue of losing it’s soul and replacing it with narcissism. Shift yourself away from that. Realize that you may try to block all of these events out, but you are still feeling and being a part of this chaotic energy, if you are alive on the planet, it’s affecting you too.

You cannot afford to be in denial because you were sent to Earth at this critical time to save this world. Click To Tweet


“The Angels of Our Better Nature” What can you do?

The angels said that much of  the world’s political and economic system is broken and does not serve all people. The good that can come from this is that it is a wake–up call that our current systems just don’t work. Not just in the US, but globally. There is a chance that we can change that if we work together. They also told me this is the shadow’s last grasp at holding power and dividing us, and if we work with ourselves to heal our hearts and come together as one, it can lose it’s grip on our future.  That was a comfort to hear.

What can come from this will light a fire under us not to be so complacent and to take back the collective power we have to create change within this world. Our fate does not rest in politicians, it’s with us.  They are in their positions because our collective psyche put them there. They represent where we are right now. We really do hold the power, not them. But we have allowed others to do the work for us. We became complacent.   Rise up and out of that.  Simply put, we must work harder. Be the change.

What Is Your Passion For Change?

Do something to create change. We are living in a time that if you want things to change, you must do your part. And everyone can do something. Even the smallest act of service creates change. If you want your personal life to change, you must do some changing. If you want the world to change and our planet and it’s ecosystems to survive, you must do something to help.

Think of something you can do and do it. And that can be anything, make it do-able and within your own reach and abilities, but do something. You can no longer sit on the sidelines and hope someone else is going to do it.


Reach Out 

The angels ask us all to pray and send positive intention to Trump, because he has not truly realized what he has gotten himself into and is in over his head. Pray to raise his consciousness and his wisdom. There is the chance that he can change his opinion on certain issues as he learns more about them.  He is more flexible than people in his administration are. Pray for those who he will surround himself with, that they too open their hearts and minds to the light of love, for they are cunning and will seek to use him.

And lastly but most importantly, reach out. Seek to understand each other.  Let’s create a dialogue with the people we live with, work with, people in our community.  People who don’t want to embrace change are fearful. This election was about fear and feeling powerlessness in a changing world. The fear and the lack of personal power must be addressed.  We need to embrace and heal those who are in their shadow. Reach out, find out and seek to understand their fear and powerlessness and help them to shift out of it in your own way. Use the video prayer in this post, the words came from the archangels to help you.

Humanity depends on it. Animals depend on it. The environment depends on it. The planet depends on it. Now more than ever, my Global Family, in our words, thoughts and deeds, let us be an instrument of peace.

Now, go out into the world and be a part of the solution.


What You Can Do:

Are You an Environmentalist?

Watch the new movie Before The Flood and share it as much as you can. Bring awareness. And take action.


NextGen Climate Action

The Sierra Club

Archangel Tree Project

Climate Science Legal Defense Fund

The Climate Reality Project

ForestEthics (now STAND)


Earth 911

Earth Day Network

Environmental Defense

Humane Society of the United States


Sea Shepard


The League of Conservation Voters  

Climate Reality Project


Are You Concerned With The Freedoms and Civil Rights For Minorities and Women?

The American Civil Liberties Union defends individual rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

The Anti-Defamation League fights against anti-semitism and racism.

The Center for Reproductive Rights advocates for women’s reproductive health care.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations

EMILY’s List works to elect women candidates to public office. Including you!

The Mazzoni Center offers healthcare services to LGBTQ population.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)

The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV)

The National Immigration Law Center

The National Immigration Forum

National Organization for Women (NOW)

Planned Parenthood

Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN)

Running Start empowering young girls to make a difference.

She Should Run

The Southern Poverty Law Center

The Sylvia Rivera Law Project

The Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights 

Emerge America

Urban Justice 

National Women’s Law Center

Human Rights Campaign

Native American Rights Fund

Women Organized Against Rape

Hate Watch

League of Women Voters


Are You Wanting to Be of Service To The Poor and Disenfranchised?

Habitat For Humanity

Love Is An Action

Salvation Army

St. Bernard Project

The Doe Fund

Compassion International


(If you have suggestions for this list, please leave them in the comments)

A prayer and invocation for peace in this election:


“God of Love, you call out to each of us to be living examples of your divinity,truth and wisdom. Lift from me despair, anger and hopelessness and replace it with hope and your  Divine fire. Infuse me with divine purpose. Teach me to dedicate my life in being the light of love on your creation, Earth and spread peace, love and awareness in my own way. Help us to create a global community where our differences create dialogue and our hearts build bridges to each other. Teach us to embrace and enjoy the diversity you put upon this planet. Open our hearts to love each other as one people, to share abundance and prosperity as one people and create a beautiful future as one people. Let me be an instrument for that vision from this day forward.  And so it is. Amen.”


Forgive any typos and mistakes in grammar with this post.  I was not expecting to have to write this today and it had to go up quickly and without editing or spell checks.



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