This is my last installment of Extreme Gnome Make-over.

The Brothers Gnome have arrived at their Oregon home and I’m told are up to their hijinks with renewed aplomb. In fact, I have had readers email me (for some reason you are all too shy to post your experiences with fairies and gnomes in my comments section ) that these two have been up to some interesting hijinks with some of you.

One of the Brothers Gnome and Willow

In my other posts about these mischievous twosome, you saw the transformation of the “Wizard-Hippy” brother Gnome.

How can statuary have energy? How can that energy translate over the Internet, you may ask? It most definitely can, on both counts. And that, my dear Global Family is a post for another day. But suffice to say it can.

In eastern cultures it is widely believed energies can reside in inanimate objects. Everything is made of energy, everything is comes from God and is one with the creator, so it all has some level of consciousness.There is more to our world than the eye can see, and much of it is beyond our current human understanding.

I will blog about my experiences with these things at a later date, particularly about my Bast statue.  Subscribe to  my newsletter if you’d like to know when that is up.

Today I will share with you the more grounded of the two and their departure from New Jersey to their home in Oregon.


This one was more stoic, more grounded. Very practical.  He also wanted crystals.


Finally, the day came to take their photos and ship them of to their mom in Oregon.


First, they pose for some departure shots in The Gardens of 333. They soaked up the very active deva and Nature energy here in my gardens. And we in turn received a dose of their expansive Joie de vivre.

If I had to give these two astrological signs , this one would be a Capricorn, and the other an Aquarius. One was earthy and grounded, the other mercurial and expansive.


They are looking forward to getting back to the West Coast.


“The Stoic One” in the Moon Garden prior to departure.


Before and After

october2013-010 photo-1

The Reveal

After they arrived home and my friend took a look at them (see picture above) we then spoke on the phone about my experiences renewing them. The guidance was receiving about how to paint them and how they wanted to look and then learning who they were in life was pretty amazing.

What do I think occurred here?  It was similar to how I create my Angelic Energy Art. I believe I was connecting to the spirit of these two men and they were helping me paint two Gnomes who represented them in my friend’s garden. She had these two gnomes in memory of them, honoring them and how she felt about them, and they knew it.

Then my friend sends me something fascinating. A picture of two family members whom the Gnome statues represent.Yes my friends, it turns out The Brother’s Gnome carried the energy of two close family members here on Earth who have passed.

And here they are. The real Brothers Gnome:


One had an inventor’s mind, the other more practical. Not brothers, but uncle and nephew and both related to my friend.

Now, keep in mind I did not know this information. But it all became clear why I was being told how to paint them, and why their personalities came through so strong.

Remember the one gnome I told you who insisted his hair be grey and so on? (Read the past blog posts for a recap.)

I do hope you enjoyed the conclusion of Extreme Gnome Makeover. It was a fascinating experience for me, and I hope gives you a glimpse into the extraordinary worlds living around us.

“You road I enter upon and look around, I believe you are not all that is here,

I believe that much unseen is also here.”
“You air that serves me with breath to speak!
You objects that call from diffusion my meanings and give them shape!
You light that wraps me and all things in delicate equable showers!
You paths worn in the irregular hollows by the roadsides!
I believe you are latent with unseen existences, you are so dear to me.”
~Songs from an Open Road by Walt Whitman

Do you have experiences with Fairies, Nature Spirits or energies in inanimate objects? Did you have some interesting Gnome coincidences and happenings while following Extreme Gnome Makeover? Tell us about it in the comment section below. I’d love to read them.

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