…..A Tale of Two Brothers.

Part Deux


I apologize for the long stretch of time between the tale of Two Gnomes. If you are just joining us, you can read Part I here. The truth of it is, I have a Gemini moon so my mind and my energies travel where the winds flow. And they flowed in many directions this past month, my friends.


A.O our resident overlord and Master of the Golden Light Ray helped me paint these two. He was sincerely interested in all stages of their transformation.



I know these are statuary. But regardless if people think I’m Nutsy Fagan, I’m going to tell you that there were some mystical moments with these two. From the moment they sat outside in my garden, which has very active Devic energy, there was a lot of  Nature Alchemy and spiritual synchronicity at play.

What was interesting is when these two first arrived, I put them out in the herb garden, flanking a young crab apple tree. Within days, I began to get complete images of what they wanted to look like at the end of this make-over.  If and when I veered away from that during painting, I had to correct it or could not move on with my day. It would be a little nagging thought at the back of my head all day and night.


For example, I did paint this one’s beard and hair grey, as my first vision had shown me. But then I changed it to blonde because I thought it would be more cohesive. After I did so, I had this little nagging voice inside my head saying; “No..no no! Change it back to grey!” When I did change it back the following day, it just felt right. All was right in my Brother’s Gnome world once again.


This sort of thing happened throughout the process. If I painted outside the vision I had received from their arrival in the garden, a nagging went on day and night until I stuck with the plan.

Stay tuned for the final installment of Extreme Gnome Makeover to see how important those details were and how that tied into some interesting revelations when they arrived back in their Oregon home.

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