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We all have faced rejection.  Not getting the job. Having someone break up with you or not call back. Not being included in the group or invited to the party. You can be the nicest person, you can have an open heart, you can be hard working and a person of integrity, and yet someone will still not like you or reject you.

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I want you to know that the old saying “It’s not you, it’s them” is true. The famous psychiatrist Carl Jung wrote that “Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” You are being rejected not because of your imperfections, but because the person rejecting you has an emotional wound. That wound is then projected onto you. It can manifest in people being insensitive and mean. It can cause people to excluding someone or be unable to give or receive love.

Simply put: You remind them of something in themselves they hate or are afraid of.

“What you admire in someone else, you also have within you. What you reject in someone else, is something you try to hide from the world.” Eileen Anglin

People who have not healed their wounds will immediately see and amplifying the traits in others that they hate in themselves. Just as they are triggering your wound of not being good enough, you are triggering some wound in them.


For example, Anne (not her real name) is a talented ballet dancer. One woman she practices with will say critical things about her dancing to the others, which has taken the enjoyment out of it for her. Even though it might not look like it, this other dancer is insecure and feels resentment of the talent that Anne has. Because of her deep wound of insecurity and not feeling good enough, she projects these feelings onto Anne. When Anne realized this truth, she was able to shift out of feeling like a victim and more into her own power. This realization shifted the energy in the class and Anne began to enjoy herself again and continue to let her talent shine.


Another example is Bette (not her real name). Bette is an intelligent, capable professional woman with an outgoing personality. Bette has also has been struggling with a weight issue. She was at a business event and felt judged after overhearing a hurtful comment about her weight. One person in particular seemed to make a point of excluding her. People who are unkind to others because of the way someone looks can be coming from a place of self-loathing.


The person rejecting her was coming wounded place that made them so terrified of being overweight, that they could not even be comfortable being around someone who was overweight. When Bette understood that this person could not accept and love themselves unless their body looked a certain way, she was able to shift her hurt to forgiving and letting go, and not take the rejection into herself.


Another example are cliques or exclusive groups. When people form a group, make it exclusive and allow some to join and reject others, they do this because they are afraid of being excluded or not belonging. They do to others what they themselves fear happening to them.
It never feels good to be left out or rejected. But you have a choice when this happens to you. You can either go into “poor me” or you can learn from it. You can let it strengthen you. You can understand that there is something inside the other person that is causing them to do that to you, and you can move from the victim, and stop feeding into your “not good enough” story. You can move away from what I call “poor me” and into a place where you can get your power back. But it is a choice. You can choose to make it a story about yourself and the world around you, and feel bad about yourself and keep yourself stuck.


Or you can choose to view it another way and let it be a teaching moment.


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Archangel Chamuel is the archangel who can help you move into a place of understanding, forgiving and letting go. Chamuel is the archangel of emotional healing, tolerance, surrender, acceptance and unconditional love for the self and for others.
If you are feeling rejected, take a moment to bring in the heart healing energy of Archangel Chamuel with the following process:

  • Take in a deep breath.
  • Put your hand to your heart.
  • Take a few minutes to just be with your breath as it moves in and out of your heart space.
  • Connect with that sacred place within.
  • Ask to be connected to your angels and to your higher self to heal and this feeling of rejection.

Invoke Chamuel:

“Archangel Chamuel, you who comforts and brings peace and understanding to our hearts, heal my heart. Holy and healing Chamuel, I come to you to receive comfort, healing and wisdom with the pain of rejection and not feeling good enough. I know you and God know me beyond all others, and know what is within my heart. I ask for the grace of healing and to come to a place of understanding, wisdom and letting go of this situation, and wisdom and strength for the future. All my struggles and all those I encounter are meant for my soul to evolve and in turn, heal others. Guide and move me from this place and into loving and accepting myself and forgiving others.”

  • Take another deep breath in a
  • Take a few moments, deeply connecting to your heart space as Archangel Chamuel surrounds you with his loving energy.
  • Breath in this affirmation: “This person and situation holds no power over me. I love everything that I am” . Repeat it, write it down, keep it close to you until feel the energy shift in your heart and you believe its truth.

Everything you are makes up the amazing being you are today.
Because you are a gift to the world. a peaceful and powerful heart healing guided meditation with Archangel Chamuel. Available on CD or instant download

 Walk in peace and may grace and fulfillment be on your path,

Eileen Anglin


p.s. There is also something to be said for examining how we interact with others. We attract to us what is unhealed. I love Charlene Johnson’s tips on taking a look at how you may be drawing this experience to you.

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