“Dear Eileen, Do non-believers have guardian angels?  Or will our angels every leave us if we ignore them or if we have not lived a good life?”

I often get emails from people asking if the angels have left them for various reasons:We are always worthy of an angel's time and attention. We are always worthy of their love. eileenanglin.com #guardianangels

“Will they leave us if we have offended them, ignored them or if the angels feel that we made really bad choices?”

“Can someone still have angels around them even if they don’t believe in them?”

The answer to that your angels are always with you, even if you don’t believe in them. Even if you never acknowledge that they are with you and you never act on divine guidance.

The love and support from our angels is unconditional. Click To Tweet

Judgment and impatience is a human trait. Angels are not human and never have been, they are aspects of God doing God’s will in our world. They don’t have a human view of us.  We are the one’s being hard on ourselves, not our angels. Your angels love you so much, and think you are a beautiful soul and amazing creation of God. No matter what! Sometimes that is hard for us to grasp because we as humans,  look at everything from limited point of view.

We tend to humanize divine beings. We make God a judgmental God, or think our angels will up and leave us if they disprove of our actions. Our human view of them is (thankfully!) not the reality.

In order for angels to love and support you, they don’t need conditions such as worthiness or piety.

You are always worthy of an angel's time and attention. You are always worthy of their love. Click To Tweet

Never feel ashamed to call upon your angels.

If you have made mistakes in life, and you call upon the angels, it gives them joy. Click To Tweet

If you have never talked to your angels or have not called upon them for many years, they sing and rejoice when you do.They will be with you through this entire life’s journey and beyond, regardless if you consciously choose to work with them or not.

The angels tell me even those who don’t believe in them are always receiving the guidance of their angels, they just may not realize it. They may choose to think the divine inspiration they are receiving is coming from their own natural intelligence. The angels are more than fine with you believing that. They don’t need the accolades.

One funny thing they do say about it is that you will have a good laugh in the afterlife when you leave this Earthly plane and realize all the angelic guidance that occurred without your knowledge, in your challenging times and especially in times you thought you thought no one was watching!  They tell me that happens all the time in the afterlife and it’s a humorous and joyful moment for all.

Our angels have been with us prior to our birth, during our lifetime and will be with us after we leave our bodies.Before we are born, we prepare with them, much like we would sit with a mentor, a teacher or trusted advisor prior to a big life event. They with us throughout our lives,  no matter what. Their love and friendship is unwavering and unconditional.

And then when we return to spirit, they help us adjust and recover from our experiences here. So you see, the  love, healing and guidance never, ever ends.

But, if we consciously choose to work with our angels,  have a partnership and strong connection with them,  it can be life changing and greatly enhance every aspect of our lives.

Use this short and quick prayer to invite the angels to work within your life.

  • Place your hand to your heart.
  • Take a deep breath in and let your shoulders drop.
  • Let the tension drop out of your muscles as you exhale.
  • Silently or out loud say this prayer of invitation:

“Angels that work with and through me, I have not called upon you as I much as I could. I know you are always with me and available to me.

Help me to remember I am always worthy and my concerns are your concerns. I give you permission to work more closely with me and within my life, and to remind me to ask you for help.

I ask that you intercede on my behalf, so that I may experience the happy and fulfilled life God intended for me. Clear and remove anything from my body, mind and spirit that blocks me from receiving angelic guidance and experiencing God’s Divine Grace.

Thank you, already done. And so it is. Amen.”

  • Allow yourself to rest in and experience this divine connection for a few moments.



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