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Are you struggling with moving forward?

Moving forward on a goal or even from a relationship?

Have you seen posts telling you to “Surrender” or “let go?”

It sounds great , but how do you actually do that?

The challenge for all of us is that we may say that we have surrendered something up to the Divine and the angels, but our fear and our need to control are still trying to micromanage and force the changes we want to see in our lives.

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The peace that comes over you once you truly lift it up to our Creator and the angels is profound. You will know you have truly surrendered when you feel peace. You will stop trying to find the solution to a problem and truly be done with being caught up in the emotions and the drama of a situation. You instead come to a place of peace with it.

“Surrendering and letting go isn’t not taking action.There is a difference. Taking action is moving forward and surrendering is letting go of fear.”

Eileen Anglin

We still must keep doing what we need to do to create what we want. Take action towards that dream, but let go of of the fear around it. Control is the child of fear. Fear and control won’t allow you to be in faith that all will be well, and that all that God intends for you will be given to you. Faith allows you to rest easy in that knowledge, but control and fear make it hard for you to surrender to faith.

Letting go of the franticness, the stress of being involved in the drama, the micro managing and trying to force an outcome when we are experiencing resistance and dead ends.The pain of being in the stress and anxiety of control and fear must reach a point where you don’t want to feel it anymore and then you are ready to truly surrender and let go.

We also currently hear and see so much about law of attraction, and what to do, think or say in order to achieve your dreams. Has it worked for you? Did buying that color candle, saying the what you thought was the right words made it happen for you?

What if I were to tell you that is the opposite of surrender?

In my experience, the act of surrendering to God and the Archangels has created more shifts and miracles in my life than any recipe for success.

I will give you a personal example of how I did this for myself, just a few days ago.

I had an angelic experience this week in where Archangel Chamuel gave me exactly what I needed to truly surrender up a problem and let go.

In doing so, I opened up the energy so the angels could actually create the shifts and the little miracles I needed.

I am writing a book for you. It’s my first. I have had it on my hard drive since 1998. Because the angels and I believe in being real about who we are and embracing all that we are, I will always be honest and open with you. And I will tell you that I struggle with so many challenges in getting it to you.

After months and months of struggling with how, what and when, I went to bed the other night and I lay there, going over and over in my head how was I going to get that help? Going round and round in my head were the stressful questions based in fear and control and anxiety:
With my “special brain” how will I focus enough to finish this?
How will anything make sense?

Then the seemingly insurmountable steps at publishing a book came crashing in on me and I was filled with despair that it was a dilemma with no solutions and went to sleep.

The next morning, just as I opened my eyes, I heard the voice of Archangel Chamuel saying to me; “God would not have brought you to this place and just leave you here without help.”

Hearing this was like someone threw me a lifeline, and I immediately burst out into tears.  I had been struggling with this for months and months, it felt as if I was thrown a life preserver as I swam in the vast ocean of my worries.

I thanked Chamuel in that moment, from a gratitude deep within my heart, and told him of my worry and my stress and my pain. I spoke of how hard it has been to try and figure this all out on my own and that I was truly ready to give up trying to figure out how I will do that, and I surrendered it all up to him and the archangels.

And I truly meant it. I had given lip service in the weeks past saying “I’m just going to surrender how I’m going to do this.” But I was still worrying, trying to figure it all out and control it. I really didn’t surrender. But that morning, I surrendered.

In that moment I had the faith that God and the archangels would not prompt me to write this book and give me the messages within it, without seeing to it that all the rest would fall into place. I surrendered to my faith in them to have my back. God and the archangels are not inconstant friends. They will not lead you and abandon you, and I know they have led me to writing this. I know this book had an important mission.

And that morning of surrender changed everything. In that moment, my soul breathed a sigh of relief and I said “I’m coming home. I’m coming home after so many months of forcing, bending, struggling, to figure it out on my own.” I truly let go and surrendered something up to the archangels, and I had such peace when I did. It is a perfect example of how your life can change and shift when you truly surrender, and sometimes all that is waiting for a miraculous shift in your life, is that true surrender. Sometimes it takes awhile to get into the true and total act of surrender. You have to be so tired of maintaining the illusion of control to relinquish it up to God and the archangels.

Think about something you have been micro-managing for years, trying to control, yet never seem to get to the place you want to be?

What challenge, problem, pain or thoughts would you truly want to lift up to Archangel Chamuel?

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love, Eileen and Archangel Chamuel

Connect with Archangel Chamuel and his bridge of healing light. Available as a download or CD. Click to listen to a free sample

Walk in Grace and may peace and fulfillment be on your path,
Eileen Anglin The Path of the White Rose LLC

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