I’ve created an entire day around gratitude for you. Learn to get in the habit of being grateful. Included as a part of  the Archangel Empowerment digital download available at this link.

Get in the habit of being grateful. It is even more important to do so if it’s a challenging time and it’s hard for you to notice your blessings.

But how do you do that when you don’t feel very grateful?

Gratitude is Divine Alchemy. ~Eileen Anglin Click To Tweet

It opens the body’s energetic system up and allows positive energy to flow in. Gregg Braden reports that in studies, gratitude opens the DNA. Gratitude allows healing and blessings to occur. What are you grateful for? Get in the habit of being grateful, even for a small thing. It opens up your energy for positivity and blessings to flow to you. Eileen Anglin

Whenever I feel that I am stuck in the “poor me” or “lack” mentality, or not having peace of mind, I know I have to go into gratitude. When I  feel that the divine flow of abundance and prosperity is not flowing to me, I check in with myself to see if I am in gratitude.

We hear and see so much on social media, from friends, healers and teachers about “being in gratitude.” It’s the buzzword and the catch phrase these days.

But what exactly does it mean to be “in Gratitude?”

Being in gratitude for me,   is stopping in that moment, taking in a deep breath and giving thanks to something in my life that I have, that I am blessed and grateful for.

I know that for some people, it can be hard to see the good in life when it is not going well for them, and if that is you,  I ask you to be grateful for the most basic thing. Even if all you can muster is being alive. Just Start there.

You are reading this. This means you have sight. Sight to take in so many things of beauty around you. Someone’s smile. A bird. A tree in the wind. Give thanks to that.

You are able to access the Internet in some way.  There are many who don’t have that luxury because of extreme poverty or they live in a country that does not have it, or allow it. Give thanks for that.

Perhaps you don’t have a computer, don’t have the Internet, and are reading this from a friend’s house. Give thanks for that friend.

Perhaps you don’t have a computer but are at the library reading this. You were able to walk or somehow got transport to that library. Give thanks for that blessing.

Start small if you have to, but everyday, give thanks for something.  Set a timer, a little alarm, any reminder to everyday go into a moment of gratitude.

Doing so can change your life. It allows you to shift your perspective for one thing. It will immediately lift your vibratory level. It also creates this divine alchemy where all your energy systems, including meridians,chakras and your DNA opens up. It opens up to God’s unlimited source of love and blessings and allows it to move into you.

By going into gratitude you allow it access to permeate everything you are. In doing so, you give the source of all good things to send more good things into you and your life.

Think of it like a flower opening up to the sun. And that sun is Source/Universe/God’s unlimited source. It is opening up for the energy of that sun to infuse it with what it needs to grow. It takes in what it needs to become healthy and vibrant and reach a new level of it’s being.

Would you like to shift your perspective and bring more blessings into your life?

Then let us right now, go into gratitude. Or shall I say, Grow Into Gratitude.

  • Put your hand to your heart and take in a deep breath.
  • Just be in the moment of your breath moving in and out of your heart space.
  • Bring to mind something in your life, you are blessed and grateful to have.The first thing that comes to mind.
  • Say a silent prayer or word of thanks to Source/Universe/God  for this blessing.
  • Breathe in that moment of gratitude into your heart and just allow yourself to rest in it for a moment.



Helpful tools to remind you to be grateful

Would you like to get into the habit of gratitude?

Will you join me?

Set a timer or a reminder to do this everyday.

I set mine to 3:33 PM. It’s a sacred number in my life. You can join me at this time or a time convenient to you.

How beautiful that the world will be receiving our gratitude a the same time everyday. Consider how many hearts and minds will open like a flower by giving thanks.

All healing and abundance comes from a place of gratitude.

Share this with someone who would benefit from this message.

Walk in Grace and may peace and fulfillment be on your path,



Create an entire day around gratitude with the help of Archangel Haniel. Let her help you learn to get in the habit. Included as a part of this digital download.


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