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Someone recently asked me if our guardian angels can ever be so frustrated with us that they leave us. They don’t seem to sense them as strongly as they would like, or as strongly as they did in the past.

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Thinking an angel would become so frustrated or impatient with us s our own human emotions and reactions, not an angel’s. This is something they just don’t possess. The angels are of God, they are parts of God in physical action, they don’t have human flaws like we do.

The next question you may be asking is, “Then why don’t I feel them?”

There are usually a number of reasons, and we each have our individual struggles, but I will touch on one of the most common reasons. 

One common reason is that as we grow older and our minds are filled with busyness and worry, it can make it harder for our angels to get their guidance through to us.

The angels tell me it’s always been thus, but it is increasingly challenging for you to sense them when you are plugged into electronics all the time.

The angels have told me that they have been using social media and the computer to get through to us.  They know it is here to stay and will become a part of who we are.

When your mind is busy and cluttered with tasks, information overload and worry, the angels will often take alternate routes to reach you, and connect with you through your dreams, books that come across your path, songs that come on, conversations or guidance from other people, animals and nature.

The most common reason you can’t sense your guardian angel is that you don’t take the time to clear your mind and connect.angelic light ray healing eileenanglin.com

In order for you to have a strong connection to your angels, the connection you want, you have to do your part to keep yourself clear and balanced. It would really help the connection if you commit to creating quiet time for divine contemplation.

The angels can’t do that for you. Your guardian angel can only knock on your door, and sometimes they have to shout through that door to be heard, but taking time to connect to your divinity,your holy spirit within,  opens that door, invites them in for tea and conversation.
I would like to take you through a short process to help you strengthen that connection. This is something you can do right now. 

  • Put your hand to your heart.
  • Take a deep breath in and bring that breathe to your heart.
  • Now ask yourself “What is one thing I can do everyday to connect to my holy spirit, my divine self?
  • Just let the answer come to you, without judgment.
  • Now take another deep breath into your heart space.
  • Ask again;”What is one thing I can do everyday to be clear, centered and balanced in my body, mind and spirit?”
  • Breathe and just wait for your soul to bring that answer into your awareness.
  • Ask your guardian angel:”What is one thing I can do everyday to connect to you, and know you are with me?”
  • Now take another deep breath into your heart space
  • Just let the answer from your guardian angel come into your awareness.
  • Now, if you can make the commitment to yourself to do it, make that commitment to yourself and to your angel now.


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