A short interview I did for a child’s project about animal communication. I loved the fact that a child was going to present this to a school, as his project. Such a brave kid! Heck, I still sometimes have trouble talking about what I do to strangers, so I admire the courage of this child. I enjoyed this very much. I thought to include it for your enjoyment as well.

 In your opinion, do you think animal communication is interesting?

Very interesting. It is also very fulfilling, to be able to help animals and their owners.

Do you find telepathy easy?

Yes I do. I have been telepathic and empathic since childhood. I thought all people were this way. I found it hard to understand why other people couldn’t do it too.

 Do you find out little secrets about families?
Yes. The animal will tell me little secrets about the family they live in, if it’s important to what we are “discussing”. For example, I did a communication today, where a bunny named Sunni was not using his litterbox. It seems there is some trouble in the owner’s relationships and it’s causing the bunny to be feeling unsafe and insecure.
Do you and the animals have conversations?

Yes. But they are shorter and more to the point than humans talk. They don’t go on and on talking like we do. They get right to the point. Animals will also put feelings and pictures or symbolic images into my head.

 Do you find communicating with animals fun?


 Can you talk with animals that have passed over?

Yes, I can. In fact, I just talked to a dog today who was a shelter dog who passed on because he had the Parvo virus. A woman who worked at the shelter wanted to know if he was okay, because she wasn’t there when he passed and is worried he was lonely.

Since I am connecting and communicating with the soul of an animal while they are alive, it makes since that I can still talk to their soul when they are passed on. Since the soul never dies. It is just as if they went into another room that you’re not in.
I also work with something I call “The Universal Animal Consciousness”, which is like a spiritual network that connects me to the souls of animals.

What kinds of animals have you communicated with?

All kinds, dogs, cats, birds, rodents, whales, even insects like bees.

 Have you ever communicated with dolphins?

Yes I have. They are as highly evolved spiritually and mentally as humans are, and in some ways, are more so than we are.I also swam with a dolphin once and we had a moment of contact where we were swimming next to each other, side by side. She looked me right in the eye, and I her, and a silent communication passed between us. It was amazing.

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