I was driving around the beautiful New Jersey Shore when I heard on National Public Radio that the Monarch butterfly populations were in serious decline. The reason? What else? Pesticides, GMO’s and land development! One more things of beauty in the ecosystem that is collapsing due to humans acting unconsciously and not being good stwards of this gift of a planet the Divine has given us.

When I got home, I read the in depth articles below.



I suggest you read them, but sufficed to say, milkweed is the plant the monarch larvae feed on and it’s disappearing.

One way we can help them is to plant milkweed in our own gardens and landscapes.

You know me, I go on a crusade. I’m the Joan of Arc of Nature….so that is exactly what I’m going to do. And I’ll blog my experience for you.

Won’t you join me?  I invite you to join my “Save the Monarchs” Butterfly Backyard Project and blog about it too. Be sure to post your links in my comments section and let’s do this!

This is where I purchased the seeds.

The company was mentioned in the article I read. The website has a lot of useful information and detailed descriptions of the different milkweed plants.

Important Precaution: One thing I wasn’t aware of was milkweed has a toxic substance to it’s sap, which protects the butterfly that eats it, so you have to be careful handling it and seek medical attention if ingested or if it gets into your eyes. Read more about the precautions on the Butterfly Encounters website.

So, where am I at with my little project right now? My order came quickly and I have planted the seeds in seed starting flats outside: