Does Nature have a Consciousness? Is there unseen life around us?

The sun looks different, the sap is in the trees and in the plants outside, and naturally my awareness is being called to Nature and all her miracles and mysteries.

In The Gardens of 333 #spiritofnature

Buds on my Pixie Apple Tree

It’s Saint Patty’s Day and this Celt feels the call of Spring in her blood. Do you? In truth, I began to feel the pull to connect with the nature energy in The Gardens of 333 in February, which interestingly enough, is the time the ancients felt spring arrived.

I truly believe that part of us heeds that ancient clock, and not the one set by governments.

That pull feels like a call, a gravitational pull at one’s physical body, the energy bodies and our soul.

A persistent tapping on our consciousness that those who work to connect with Nature on a deeper level are aware of.  You understand what I am talking about.

Nature Consciousness blog post

Hyacinth bulbs emerging


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Here is a question I get asked a lot. “So….Are fairies real?”

Let me preface what I am about to say with the fact that I do not believe there are little people running around with green jackets on or tiny Tinkerbell wings.

What I believe exists with in the Nature world is much more complex than that.

But I do believe is that there is a greater consciousness and  individual awareness living within our unseen Natural world that we don’t yet fully understand, and probably won’t understand until the human being evolves.

I prefer to call the “the spirit of Nature” because the term fairy tends to evoke a sense of disbelief, snickers from others,  and thinking those who believe in them are “weird” and “crazy.”

Nature Consciousness blog post

Sap coming into my blueberry bushes


Fairy has a sense of the unreal, and the spirit of Nature is very real. I’ve seen some things in my life in regards to Nature. Things of legend or of stories. Things many of you might laugh at and call me silly, or crazy, but  I’m very grounded and down to Earth (no pun intended.)  I may be “interesting” but I’m not “crazy.

With every fiber of my soul I know and I feel that Nature has a consciousness.

To me, it is a part of us and a part of God but it’s true essence is beyond our current comprehension.  How vast, intricate and Universal it is. It’s like God made physical on Earth and it blankets and permeates every single thing here. I can only have a sense of it, but I am unable to explain it fully.

The movie “Avatar” is probably the closest I have ever seen it  depicted for us.

Nature Consciousness blog post

Lilac bushes coming into bud

With all that we are finding out about our world, how can one possibly think that all of what you see is all there is to see???

As we speak, scientists are delving into concepts and realities that were science fiction years ago. Yes, even science is delving into the realm of alternate realities and dimensions along side ours.

I absolutely believe that there is unseen life all around us.

I also believe there are people who are able to catch a glimpse of that from time to time.

At the risk of many of you thinking..”….Okay Eileen, I thought your angel stuff was weird, but this is just silly. Now you are really pushing the envelope…..”

I’ll tell you what I think about “fairies” and if they are real. But before I do, can you really say you don’t feel there is more to our world than what you see?

Our Universe? Especially the natural world?

That there isn’t the possibility of sharing our planet with something we are unable to see??

Granted, there are some “new age” people out there who make it hard for me to talk about this subject and be taken seriously. And because of that, it was very hard for me to write this blog post.

I don’t subscribe to believing that there is unseen life that dresses like a Keebler elf or has wings. No.

No, I don’t believe that.

I believe the life that is unseen is far more complex than that. It doesn’t look like a Walt Disney character.

Remember how Shirley MacLaine caught so much flack from her book “Out on a Limb”? People made fun of her for being one of the first to write about what is mainstream today. I feel the same way about talking about unseen life in Nature. It’s hard. Who wants to be laughed at?

In my channeling ( for those of you just tuning in, I am a channeler)  I am told that this consciousness is strongly connected to the Natural world  in this other dimension on our Earth and at times interacts with humans.

How it is able to connect and interact, in what way and how much is largely dependent on the human, who they are as a person and how they respect the natural world and the compassion they feel for all life on it.

Like the fairy tales, it surrounds the “pure of heart,”  those people who tend to kindness, generosity and compassion to all living things.

So there you have it.  Call me whatever you like.

But someday, maybe hundreds of years from now, maybe thousands, science will discover unseen life living right next to ours.

If you’d like to connect  with that spirit of nature, know that it takes notice of a person’s integrity.

The personal integrity of doing the right thing when no one is looking.

Someone who cares deeply about nature and the environment and is a steward of our brothers and sisters of the animal kingdom.

These things it takes notice of and if it is sincere, it will draw closer to you.

Those with the “second sight” as my mother Theresa and her mother Cate would say, can sometimes see it

Strongly connecting with the spirit of Nature is a rewarding and enriching experience, it adds color and creativity to our lives and can assist in manifesting our goals.  

EIleen Anglin



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