What does one do when 5-12 inches of snow on top of snow is falling outside?

At the Hermitage, we feed critters and birdies outside and see to their well being, then make a cuppa tea and snuggle in with our cats.

New Jersey Snowfall 2015 eileenanglin.com

A long winter in New Jersey, taken from my window.

I also decided to play and call in Archangel Raphael to channel a second painting of him in this soft and bright snowing energy.

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The energy of this channeled painting is different than the Archangel Raphael of the Emerald Light Ray. (Which should become available to you in prints next week.)

It’s softer and more gentle in it’s healing, where as the other is extremely powerful and direct in it’s angelic energy, as all Angelic Light Ray Energy Healing tends to be.

Raphael told me while painting this , that some will need and prefer a softer and more gentle gateway to his healing, while others the more intense Light Ray vibration.

This one with it’s gentle healing presence will be available in high vibrational energy prints too. Sign up at to my mailing list to be notified when the energy prints will be available.

I could not have done it without his direct assistance. Thank you beloved Raphael!

If you purchased one of these Archangel Raphael prints, which one would it be?

Tell me in the comments below or on this post on my  Facebook Page.

This beautiful Loreena McKinnett song “Snow” is perfect for the energy of this day, and the energy that Raphael blanketed around me while painting.


“Then all is silent and the snow falls.

Settling soft and slow

The evening deepens and the grey

Folds closer earth and sky

The world seems shrouded, far away.Its noises sleep, and I secret as

Yon buried streams plod dumbly on and dream.”

Music by Loreena McKennitt
Words by Archibald Lampman




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