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Interview: Eileen on “Divine Creativity,” NDE, Painting the Archangels and more


Sandra Rea, the author of “Angels Aid: Guided Meditation for Children and Parents” http://amzn.to/2seeHpD  interviewed me recently. We talked about how I came to connect with the Angels through a near death experience as a toddler. My portraits of the archangels and how I create them, being invited to NASA, and we also talk about how you […]

A Look Back at “Mother Take Flight”

Mother Take Flight eileenanglin.com


Traveling Time and Space….Painting Animal Spirit Guides “Mother Take Flight” On Facebook they have something called “Throwback Thursdays” in which you post an old photo of yourself. I thought it might be nice to also include my past artwork on “TBT” taking  a look back on how it’s evolved, and the difference between my art that is inspired and […]

Your Friday Heart Opener: Lab Beagles See the Sun and Grass For the First Time


When I say “heart opener” it means something that will ping the heart chakra. Open it up. Share this with someone who will enjoy this message. You can help simply by changing the products you buy. Cosmetics, cleaners, cigarettes. Buy only certified animal cruelty free products. Check out the companies that you buy from  www.choosecrueltyfree.org to […]

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