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Not enough time:

To exercise.
To be with a friend.
To play and have fun.
To call family.
To be intimate.
To play with the dog/cat. 
To create the  life you want.
“Not enough time” to create for the artist.
Not enough time to write for the writer.
Not enough time to ” take care of myself”  for the healers.
Not enough time to eat right when you want to lose weight and get healthy.
Not enough time to do things, go places, meet people when you want  to create a relationship in your life.
Not enough time to relax. 

These are just some examples of excuses we use.  How many of us want to be healthier but don’t go for that daily walk.  Or those who want to find a committed life partner but don’t make yourself available.  Why do we make choices that are opposite of what we want? What is really getting in the way?

You must dig deeper and find out why.


All of us have the same 24 hours. Including Oprah, Richard Branson, and any other happy, healthy and successful person you admire. Be honest with yourself, if something is truly a priority, or you are not in resistance, you will find the time. The truth is: If something is truly  important to you, you will make the time. If it is important, yet you don’t find the time, there is some reason you are not.  The answer usually is because you don’t feel worthy or there is fear around it.


What are the fears behind it? Fear of failure? Fear of people not liking you? Fear of not being good enough? Why don’t you feel worthy? Not worthy of love? There are many reasons why we don’t do the things we claim are important to us. We would have to work one on one to find what is holding you back from doing the things you want to do for yourself. But regardless of what our fears and unworthiness are, the excuses we make is resistance. And resistance is born from fear, anxiety or lack of self worth. And the truth of it is, you are declaring to yourself and to the Universe, that you are not worthy of your best life.  You are saying to yourself that you are not worthy of the things that really matter to you.


My friends, on the last day we spend on this planet, there will be something on our “to-do” list left undone. That list is mundane and not important. Dishes, laundry, bills. When you leave, will that be what is important to you? What you don’t want is to leave this planet with the important things left undone.  The places you want to go, people you wanted to spend time with, personal goals you never reached or career dreams left unfulfilled, those are the things you will regret not making time for. These are the areas of our life where you have to be more aware of your excuses.


Would you like to declare to God,  all the angels and to your life that you are worthy of  your dreams? That you are worth the live you were born to live? That what you have to offer the world is important? Then you must get out of your own way.  Ask the angels to assist you in making time for what is important and to help you to recognize when you are creating excuses. Angels work through other people, get guidance and support from a trusted and wise counselor,  life coach,  mentor,  or other licensed professional. Become aware of what is creating your resistance so you can make time for the things you say you want.

Make your life one of no regrets.


If you would like a intuitive life coaching with me around feeling good enough and not making excuses, click to learn more and schedule a session.


Walk in grace and may fulfillment and peace be on your path,
Eileen Anglin

Eileen Anglin The Path of the White Rose LLC

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Would you like to share this? All my images, recordings, and writings are copyrighted. 
I’d love for you to use this article in your social media or on your blog. Short excerpts of the post can be used. But you must only link to this original article.  Contact me for other sharing permissions. Thank you for your moral and ethical cooperation.
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