We are at the very end of summer and at the edge of fall, and with the summer, our butterflies, hummingbirds and dragonflies leave us.

I had no idea dragonflies migrated. They are in our yard (aka The Gardens of 333) by the score. We call them our Apache helicopters because they zoom around and take the fly and mosquito population down noticeably. The mosquitos here in the New Jersey Pine Barrens are numerous, so we look forward to the arrival of the dragonflies. Not only are they helpful to us, but watching them is such a pleasure. They soar around me, their iridescent wings glittering. They perch on a branch nearby and seem to watch me as I putter around my garden.

All the Creator’s children are blessed with gifts. We are all given special skills to assist each other here. Including animals, plants and insects.

Did you know that dragonflies carry the blessing of helping us connect to Nature? They help strengthen the connection to our natural world. They also help build an energetic bridge between our consciousness and the consciousness of plants, animals and insects. They carry the energy of  communication between realms and inter-species communication.

Whenever I see a dragonfly, when one has crossed my path or is somehow interacting with me while I walk or garden, I stop my current  thoughts, take a deep breath in and reach out with what I call my “intuitive antenna” and ask what gift, message or healing it may have for me. This happens more frequently when I am walking in the woods but also while working in The Gardens of 333.

When we moved to The Hermitage Cottage, the first summer while living here we experienced thousands of dragonflies in our yard. When we went outside, they would fly around us, zig zagging in front of us while we walked. When I am tending to my plants, they zip around my head, sometimes landing on me.

You know that feeling that you are being watched? Sometimes I would look up from my garden task and there would be a dragonfly beauty perched on a stick or a tall plant in front of me, seemingly resting itself, but definitely watching me.  I’m usually talking to and communing with the plants as I garden, and because they are little gatekeepers to that energy, I believe they are as interested in me as I am in them.

When I commune with Nature, I am communing with God. God is in all things and has created all that we see.  When I look at the flora and fauna, I see God in all the beauty of creation. To give reverence and respect to it is honoring God.  

The trees, plants and wildlife at The Hermitage Cottage seem to be taller, more lush and happier than what we see around the area. I feel this is because we partner with Nature here in all that we do. Whether it’s connecting to the God in all things to ask where to plant something, or being aware that there is a plant outside that needs our help. We tune in and listen to the higher guidance of what the land needs to be happy. We connect to it’s consciousness and ask “what, why and how?”

You can learn to connect with the Nature realm in your yard too, no matter how large or small. I am creating a recording on how to do that soon.

Just join my website newsletter to be alerted when it’s available, so you can begin that rewarding journey with us, and experience the amazing synchronicity and spiritual relationship with Nature around you.

Because The Gardens of 33 are full of such active nature spirit energy, it’s no surprise to us they are here in droves, but it’s still fascinating and heartwarming to have them here every summer.  And now that I know they migrate, and enjoy being here, we are so deeply grateful they enjoy it here.

Do you have an experience with dragonflies you would like to share? Or do you just love them? Please leave your thoughts and insights in the comment section below.

Here is an informative video for those of you who really want to delve into this fascinating creature.

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