“Cat’s Eye” by Angelic Energy Artist Eileen Anglin
8 x 10 Premium Giclee Paper
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Power   Courage   Leadership   Strength   Confidence    Charisma

Cougar is the largest carnivore in North America. Once ranging across the entire continent, they are now only found in a few western states as well as Florida. It is endangered.

What “Cat’s Eye” Can Help Us With

“Cougar teaches us to use and balance our own power, to be confident and strong.  Although Cougar’s are of a solitary nature in the wild, those who have the spirit of the cougar with them are called to become leaders in some way.

This energy art print creates a symbol of self – leadership, and the Angelic Light Ray energy of learning from experience, your own vision, personal truth and to persevere with dignity and strength when others attempt to diminish the powerful Light of your Cougar energy.” ~Eileen Anglin

© Copyright 2014  Eileen Anglin  The Path of the White Rose LLC

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