Thank you so much for your prayers and concern to those of us in this storm.

There is devastation around me as this area was hit extremely hard. Only 5 miles away from us there is just….splinters for homes. A woman in our neighborhood is missing.

We had three days of no power, no heat, no contact with the outside world except for a transistor radio. Even though our cell phone was charged, the towers had been taken out so no calls could come in or out. I didn’t know how my family was (and have not heard from a couple friends still) so that was scary.

My family in Point Pleasant are still without power and the places my brothers work out of have been destroyed. But still and all, we have our lives and that is what is important.

On a completely other soap box subject, I would like to bring the awareness to global warming, and the importance of our championing the dire need to do something about it and support those voices, activists and politicians who are also championing wind, solar and other green energies.

Now, to get all metaphysical, spiritual or “woo-woo” depending on your use of jargon, when I was just out of my teens, my guardian angel Alonya told me that there would be changes around this time frame. She told me I would need to prepare for them. She said it wasn’t the end of the world or anything like that, but that I would need to prepare for more intense storms. I had no clue at that time about any of this stuff, or really what she was talking about, but I trusted her.

I had her promise me she would let me know when I needed to start preparing. Well, about 4 years ago, a day came when I got word from her. “It’s time.” I remember I was walking in my living room when those words came down and I knew what it was for. Apparently, we carry the wisdom to change the course of events, so believe there was a period of time where things could have gone a different way. “Wisdom erases Karma.”

I do prepare my home and my family for more intense weather and I urge you to do so as well. Not doomsday stuff, but the very real weather patterns we have created from global warming. I have lived on the NJ coast, 5 minutes from the ocean all my life. I have never experienced the weather changes like I have in the past 5 years. Never had two hurricanes in two years in a row, and never had to deal with tornadoes within storms.The Robins no longer migrate.They are no longer the herald of Spring for me.

So, as this election looms, I urge you to lend your support to those men and women who will not further the damage and give more power to that which is creating these changes. Global warming is not a myth, it’s not even close to being a question any longer.

I performed a ceremony before the storm, gridded the yard too. Whispered to the wind and spoke to my Nature friends here at The Hermitage. We lost nothing but a couple of small branches off a bush. Tomato plants still standing. The strays I take care except for one of are all accounted for. The birds are back at their feeders.

So completely blessed.

love, peace and Grace,


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Eileen Smith Anglin is a intuitive energy reader, past life healer and the founder of The Path of the White Rose LLC. Eileen’s down-to-earth, warm style will set you at ease and she is committed to sharing her life experience to bring the message of conscious living to all that seek it.