A three year old elephant calf and her mother reunite for the first time after being taken away from her mom shortly after birth.

I am so thankful for people on this planet who take such compassionate actions for other beings.

Mebai was separated from her mother and was sold into the tourism industry. She worked in a circus and in elephant shows but in her grief over being taken from her mother, was not eating well and could no longer work.

Volunteers walked the three year old calf 62 miles to The Elephant Nature Park. When Mebai’s mother first saw her, she was in shock, not sure if that was actually her little girl. In the video, you can see and hear them touch each other and communicate non stop.

They are now inseparable and the nature park is working to return them both to the wild after being touched by their plight.

If you love elephants, please don’t support elephant tourism that take captive elephants when traveling.

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