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Intuition can help us in all areas of our life and can give us the divine gift of Discernment. At the bottom of this article is an exercise to strengthen your connection to divine guidance.

All life has intuition. Our animals have intuition, even our plant life has intuition. It’s a gift given to us by the holy spirit. Some people choose to make it stronger while others push it aside due to fear or restrictions within societal, cultural or religious belief.

Why strengthen your intuition?

“Trust your instincts, for they are coming from the angels who watch over you”

A stronger intuition can help you receive and understand the divine guidance being sent to you so it is clear and understandable. It’s also empowering. Wouldn’t you rather get your answers directly from Divine Source than paying someone to do it for you? It’s  far better to get your own answers to your questions. One of the core principles of my work with others is to empower them to receive their own angelic guidance. It also gives you a link to a very important spiritual life skill that is called “discernment.” Discernment is a sacred gift. It’s most commonly known to us by other names, such as “gut instinct” “or women’s intuition.”

Can an angel  open up these divine channels and help you to be more intuitive? Yes, they can!  There are other steps you  can incorporate into your life to strengthen your intuitive abilities, but an angel can certainly assist you in this. Who would I suggest you call upon? First of all, know that any of the archangels can and will assist with anything. For example, Chamuel assists you in loving and forgiving yourself and others, but could also protect you during travel if you asked.  With the archangels, it’s not that they are better in one area than another, they were giving a task or job by God to concentrate on, but they can do anything. They do this because they love us and God loves us. As they are God’s presence and love made manifest into the physical expression we call Earth. They are the Creator’s messengers and helpers within our 3D world.

Raziel, Archangel of Wisdom

In areas of intuition, metaphysics, esoteric knowledge and divination,  I would call upon  Archangel Raziel. Raziel is the archangel who assists us with learning, hidden knowledge and new information. Raziel’s name means “Secret of God.” He is the archangel of wisdom and knowledge. He assists in helping people uncover those things hidden inside them and bring it out to the light, such as special talents and abilities like intuition and ancient healing arts. Raziel is often called upon by those wishing to learn metaphysics,  access past life information or recall the lost healing arts because it is something we all know in our deepest wisdom. but just need to “remember” again or uncover. The colors that surround him are of the deep indigo spectrum.

Archangel Raziel Invocation

Intuition can help us in all areas of our life and can give us the divine gift of Discernment.

With the help of Raziel, I created a invocation you can do on your own to quickly connect and get assistance in opening and unlocking your intuitive gifts.

I would suggest you use this frequently, as intuitive development is like any muscle, you must work at it to build its strength. It has to become a way life, and not something done only once in awhile. Wait until you have 5 minutes that you can be quiet and be undisturbed.Turn off your phone and sit in a relaxed position with your spine straight, feet on the floor and your ankles uncrossed.

  • Begin by relaxing your body and breathing in slowly and deeply.


  • Bring your awareness and your breath into your crown chakra, the top of your head.


  • Call out to Archangel Raziel and ask him to work directly with you to develop your divine intuition.


  • Allow a sense of a deep purple light filling your body and concentrating around your head area, your forehead, shoulders and neck.


  • Take a few moments to feel this Divine connection occur (It may feel subtle, or you may feel nothing at all, but Raziel is connecting with you, surrounding you. It is Divine Law and God’s promise to us when we ask, we receive it.)


  • Imagine or have a sense of this purple light expanding from your head area outward and upward, as far as it can go. Imagine that it connects you with every soul on this planet.Out into our Universe. Imagine it connecting to everything that exists. All space and time.


  • Repeat this prayer and invocation to Raziel:”Archangel Raziel, help me to feel, see, hear and know my soul’s infinite wisdom. Help me to overcome doubt and fear and receive divine wisdom clearly. I ask for divine discernment so that my life’s choices are for my highest good. Clear and remove all blocks to my intuition in all space and time. Remove from me all that clouds God’s loving wisdom from reaching me.Give me the sense of peace in the knowing my intuition is for the good of my life and all life. And so it is. Already done. Amen.”


  • Thank Raziel and ask him to continue to work with you on a daily basis.


Walk in grace and may fulfillment and peace be on your path,

Eileen Anglin
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