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It’s uncanny how the start of my angel energy art begins and ends.

I knew Raphael was going to be next in my series of channeled archangel portraits, because I got the message from him that he would be next. A few weeks later,  I got the message from him to begin, then Raphael stepped forward and we began to paint it together.

Later that evening, I see from a post on Facebook, that it is the feast day of the Archangels Gabriel, Michael and Raphael.

I didn’t know that! But I smiled because it never ceases to amaze me how the angels work, especially in creating the angelic energy art, and I had wondered wonder when it will be completed. The angel art “Archangel Raphael of the Emerald Light Ray” was completed at a beautiful moment. Archangel Gabriel was started in December, which is not surprising as he was a major player in the story of Mary and the birth of the Christ.

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Archangel Raphael was completed during a major astrological event this year. Again, I did not plan that. They did. They always do! I plan on painting all the Masters of the Angelic Light Rays, and have completed Gabriel and Raphael,  but I must admit, it was a challenge to capture the beauty of Archangel Raphael on to canvas.

I worked on it for months, requesting his help every step of the way, because he is so beautiful, only with his assistance will I capture his healing energy as I paint him.

VIDEO: Archangel Raphael Portrait Progression Time Lapse Video Archangel Raphael of the Emerald Light Ray by Eileen Anglin #Raphael

Why are the Angels Beautiful? They are of God.  The Creator. The Source of all Love and Wisdom in it’s highest form. A form so high we can’t begin to understand or experience it in it’s entirety. All the angels  emanate the love, healing and truth and power of all of divine love and creation.

Angels were created into form so they can interact with Earth in a physical way. Click To Tweet

They appear beautiful to our human eye because we register Divine love and as a magnificent physical beauty. And that beauty is expressed in every human race we experience here on Earth. All colors and ethnicities. I have seen many angels, and they are all beautiful with the radiant light of the Divine, but the beauty of the archangels is beyond compare. Transcendent.

They are beings of pure light and love, but they realize it’s easier to interact with us if they take shape and form for us, and they choose a form that is easiest for you to understand.Archangel Gabriel of the White Light Ray by EIleen Anglin copyright

I have seen the angels and they are all beautiful, but Raphael is exquisite. It makes sense of the miracles of  the healing of all our physical and energetic bodies, the manifestation of pure love, would translate into such heavenly beauty.  It’s no surprise that he who is tasked with healing Earth, a very loving and physical task in our world, would carry such beauty for the human eye to behold. It makes sense when you think about it. Physical form and the physical manifestations of healing in our 3-d universe would translate into the form of a being of such pure beauty.




Eileen Anglin The Path of the White Rose LLC

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