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We all experience fear.  I experience fear. This past week I felt it and it could have stopped me in my tracks but I worked with Archangel Michael to get into a place of faith, and I will tell you how I worked with him so you can also work through your fear and into a place of faith. archangel_michael_reni

Work Through Your Fear

You cannot get rid of fear, you have to work through it. Fear is like a child. It wants to be heard, to be comforted and given a shoulder to lean on. But at the same time, you need to keep walking in the positive direction you want to go.

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In my case, working through the fear I experienced was by taking action  and moving into faith knowing that I am on my divine path and the angels will protect me.

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Fear is part of you, it isn’t going anywhere. It is hardwired into our genetic coding to keep us safe from harm from time immemorial. At it’s best, fear can inform us. Many of our fears are based on experiences in the past that have hurt us. We have to look the fear straight on and find out what it is trying to protect us from, listen to it’s concerns and take action if it’s concerns are valid.

Fear can also inform you of where you are at and where you still need to do some work on yourself.  The deep, inner work that can move you through the fear and not let it sabotage your goals in life. If left to fend for itself, fear will take the wheel of your life and drive you around, making all your decisions. Let’s be honest, when have our best decisions and plans come from being in a place of fear?

Archangel Michael and Raphael session with Eileen Anglin

“When you make your decisions and plans from faith in the divine, that it has our back, you are powerful, inspired, full of hope and most of all, at peace. “

Eileen Anglin




Moving From Fear Into Faith

For me to get into the place of peace and faith, I needed to place my fear into Archangel Michael’s hands. I cannot control other people,  but I can take my own actions and then surrender my fear to Michael and know that ALL WILL BE WELL. No matter what, all will be well.

I went into a place of faith knowing that Archangel Michael is overseeing what I do, and protecting my mission here on Earth. Archangel Gabriel guides what I do, and I have Michael to give me the courage to do it.  I know that deep in my soul.  No matter what others may do, the archangels will find a way to work through you. And  knowing that can move you into peace.

“For all those who are afraid to shine their light, to be seen, who make themselves invisible. You are here for a reason. Move through your fear. The angels have your back” Eileen Anglin

This message is directly from Archangel Michael to you:

“God has a plan for you that is more than anything you could imagine for yourself. Have faith. Prayer and keeping your heart open and connected allows you to know that no matter what challenges you face here on Earth, God will find a way to bring the divine plan into your life.

God works through any obstacles.

Bring your heart into peace knowing that truth.”

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Archangel Michael is ready and waiting to assist you in bringing you into a place of faith, a place to lay your cares and concerns. He is so powerful and his task from God is to give you courage. Courage to live your best life and be a blessing to this planet.

I want to share with you my technique on to connect with Michael and move out of fear and into the faith that he is guiding and protecting you:

  •  Place your hand over your heart and go into your breath.

(When I am in fear, I remind myself to breathe. Breathing deeply and slowly into my heart chakra can bring me right back into centeredness almost immediately.)

  • Silently or out loud tell Michael your fear.
  • Continue to stay in your breath and say this prayer to Michael:

Michael you who promise to protect and watch over me, release me of this fear. Clear it away from me and replace it with the faith that I am divinely supported and protected in all ways and in all that I do. I choose now to be at peace, knowing it is all in your capable hands now. I can relax and surrender to the truth that I am divinely guided and cared for. Thank you, and so it is. Amen.”

  •  Sit in this place of peace and surrender for a few minutes.

(If it comes up again throughout the day,  remind yourself of this prayer and that Michael has your back.)

Walk in Grace and may Peace and fulfillment be on your path,

Eileen Anglin

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