A Grey whale approaches a boat of tourists and not only is joyfully connecting with them, but then hoists her calf up on her back to facilitate  a moment of love in the human-whale connection.

I’ve seen videos of whales approaching whale watching boats before, but this one left my heart chakra vibrating and tears streaming down my face.

It really affected me.

Because what is happening here is a mother whale is teaching her calf we are to be loved and admired.

Can we say we do the same? Especially to those who we feel have wronged us in some way?

Whales sing to each other, and their song carries stories to one another through miles of miles of ocean.

And they pass those stories on.

They know what is going on to their species due to human hands.

(Which is a result of closed hearts. One major reason I do this weekly feature is to help change that.)

That they love us as fellow brothers and sisters of the planet anyway, an example of  something we should aspire to as a species.

They are teachers for us.

It is a moment so full of Grace that you just have to watch it for yourself to see ..and feel in your heart.

When I say “heart opener” it means something that will ping the heart chakra.

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