Angelic Empowerment Day

An entire day with Eileen created just for you with life coaching with the angels, angelic healing and energy work and intuitive insights.

It will be customized for your needs, and along with angelic life coaching it can include White Rose Ascension Healing System with clearing and cord cutting, White Rose Light Ray healing, past lives,  guardian angels and oracle cards.

We will meet by phone or Skype 5 times during your day for about an hour each time.

This day also includes a Follow up Call: 45 minute “check in” one month after your day. We’ll talk about any insights and wins you have had since our day together and go over areas that you still need support with. Usually my Intensive day clients go on to schedule  monthly coaching sessions to get accountability, tools and stay in the internal dialogue.

This intensive day will focus on one or two challenges or goal in your life you would like clarity on and resolve. The day will be about 6 hours and it can be made into a two day experience instead of one day. For example, you could work on weight loss, career, forgiveness, creativity, relationships,  life’s mission,  Releasing Old Programs or Lightworker Mentoring.

This is a wonderful day to give yourself on a weekend or during a “stay-cation.”

Please complete the following questions to request your 20 minute call to and explore if Archangel Empowerment Coaching is right for you and schedule your day:

AE Coaching Questionnaire


Archangel Empowerment Day

Purchased after an initial consultation with Eileen


Normally, scheduling my sessions like this would cost around $1,200. Considering all the money spent on less permanent and trivial things in your life. something this personalized and focused only on you, with the uniqueness of spending the entire day with me and the angels is priceless.

Click here to fill out your questionnaire so that we can schedule a quick phone call to be sure this day is right for you. This allows me to best serve you and a day created especially for you. We will schedule a day to call in the angels to empower your life.

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