Guardian Angel Portraits

by Angelic Energy Artist and Angel Channel Eileen Anglin

Guardian Angel Portraits by Eileen Anglin

What Does Your Guardian Angel Look Like? Many people want to know the name of their angel, but having a face to connect with is such a blessing. Having a face to connect with can build a stronger relationship and a deeper connection to our angels. It can support you in your quest to connect with your angel on a deeper, richer more personal level.  I am an angel channel and I will connect to your guardian angel, see their image and merge with their energy to create your angel portrait.

  • My Guardian Angel Portraits are Channeled directly from your guardian angel
  • Contain the healing energies of your guardian angel
  • Creates a bridge of communication from your angel to you
  • Brings the healing and guidance of your guardian angel into your personal space-home or office


How my angel art is created. My process of channeling my energy art

16 x 20 portrait on archival grade fine paper. Portrait wil be drawn in pencil and light colored pencil and other mixed media.  Unframed.  $444 Shipping is included.

  • Your special portrait will also have a written message about my experience with your guardian angel during the portrait process and what your angel’s energy was like.
  • You and I will connect on the phone for a 20 min call  before I begin the portrait with your guardian angel and a 30 min call after it is completed and received, in addition to the note, to discuss your portrait and your guardian angel.

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FAQ, Payment, Shipping and Returns Details:Things You Need To Know

I have been a connecting with, and bringing the divine messages of the angel’s love and wisdom for almost 30 years. I will use my award winning angel intuitive skills to connect with your angel.

How can I do this without you being here with me?  

Your angels are amazing beings that are not bound by time and space restrictions.  For many years, I have worked with hundreds of people through email or phone, you need not be present to have me create this portrait for you. However, if you’d like to send me a picture of you, you can, but it’s not necessary. You can read about my award winning intuitive healing and the art testimonials here.

Payment: You will be sent a PayPal invoice that you can pay by bank or credit card and a commission agreement. Your portrait session is not confirmed until payment and agreement are completed.

Payment Plan: For higher priced items and original paintings, you can pay for your painting in mutually agreed  installments. Your painting will not ship out until the last payment has been received.

Shipping: Shipping is free if you are in the United States. International orders will be additional

Portrait: You will receive a unframed 16 x 20 pencil sketch on high-quality paper.

How Long Will It Take? I only work on a four portraits a month. When you order your portrait, you will be placed in the queue. I will email you with a general start date. The portrait usually takes one month from your start date. I will email you about it’s progress with a picture and also let you know when it is started and completed and ready to ship.

Shipping: Your portrait will be shipped out via USPS with tracking. It will arrive rolled up in corrugated cardboard. Shipping is free if you live in the United States. International orders will pay additional shipping fees and any import fees.

Refunds: There are no refunds for custom work and commissions. Because of the highly personal and individual process of a guardian angel portrait, it really cannot be resold to someone else.

Please see my full Terms, Disclaimer and Conditions as they apply to commissioned work.

An example of a Guardian Angel pencil portraits in progress:

Example of eye shaded with colored pencils


Interested in your own Guardian angel portrait?  I will send you all the details about how we will begin the process for you.


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