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The Archangels messages speak about how the small acts of kindness and forgiveness can change our lives and transform all life here on the planet.The focus of their work is about healing and empowering the hearts and minds of people so they can live wonderful, fulfilled lives. When people are at peace they go on to help others, and in doing so change the world for the better. It’s the ripple effect of a happy and fulfilled person. One of the ways we get to this place is through working on forgiveness of those small (or not so small) things that bother us throughout our's in the little things that will change our world #forgiveness

We all have something to forgive. Whether it’s ourselves and the choices we have made, or someone else. Forgiving is something we need to do often.

Yes. It is a process, and it is a practice we have to revisit often. It is something we could do on a daily basis.

Forgiveness of those smaller annoyances is a daily process if you’d like more peace in your life.

Every day we can be confronted by something that has plugged into our emotions. Coworkers, family, even a stranger at a check out line, or the guy in the car who cut us off on the road.

It’s in that moment, or as you pause to reflect on your day that you can begin the process of forgiveness.

How? Here is my own personal process:

1.Bring to mind someone who you would like to forgive.( In our modern and increasingly busy life, this is something most of us encounter in our daily lives.The archangels want you and everyone to have a peaceful day, so in order to get back into your center again, forgiveness would be the focus in order to regain a peaceful heart.)

2. Allow yourself to imagine what kind of person would do what they have done? What would have to be going on inside their hearts and minds that they would be acting in such a way?

What is going on in the heart of someone who could be angry/rude/dismissive/insulting/inconsiderate? What didn’t they receive in life that they cannot give to others?

3. Now shift into the knowing it had nothing to do with you. There is something going on inside of them. Something unhappy. A past history or some personal battles you aren’t aware of. Don’t take it personally, you just happened to be there.

In thinking of this, this can allow us to move into compassion and you can begin the process of forgiveness.

4, If you can, look at them with the eyes of compassion, forgive them and bless them with peace and balance.

5. Take a deep breath in and now let it go.



Forgiving yourself or others unblocks an enormous amount of energy that can move you forward to the kind of positive life you desire.

We aren’t condoning anyone’s actions, we are giving ourselves permission to release the emotional charge it has for YOU.

Releasing the hold it has over your life. That’s all.

Forgiveness is a a process. It can be thought of as a practice, if you will. A practice that we will need to shift into when these things confront us in our daily life.

When you remind yourself to go into this process and ask the questions mentioned above, such as “What is going on inside this person’s heart that they could act this way?” you are giving a gift of a more peaceful heart to yourself.

It's Forgiving the Small Things That Will Change Your Life and Our World. Click To Tweet with Archangel Chamuel on peace and forgiveness in your relationships, past and present. Archangel Chamuel’s Bridge of Healing Light Download or CD.

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