“Not a single sparrow can fall to the ground without God knowing it.”

I had a tough day yesterday. It began so well, but then an abandoned cat we are trying to take care of killed a fledgling bird in our yard. It was upsetting.

(Outdoor cats decimate the wildlife of neighborhoods. Keep your cats indoors!)

I ran as fast as I could to stop it from happening, but was just seconds too late. I watched the little bird who was just out of the nest and learning how to be on its own take its last breath. Watching its parents try to save it made me burst into tears. The event colored my entire day. My only comfort was the thought: “Not a sparrow falls that God is not aware of it.” from the Book of Matthew."Not a single sparrow can fall to the ground without God knowing it."

When things like this happen to me, I try to think of the larger message for me, for you, for the world.

God watches it all. Our Creator knows when every living thing loses its life. Knowing that God had seen what occurred and knew the distress of the bird family and my own, gave me comfort.

That quote means that we are not alone in our suffering.

Sometimes the losses in our life are so catastrophic, so devastating, we can’t get to a place of comfort. In times like those, I believe God sends us into the arms of friends, family or community. Those are the people who will help pick you up when you fall down on your knees.

People may ask, why doesn’t God stop suffering? Why doesn’t God intervene and prevent such losses? I believe that God does intervene. Why it happens for some and not for others is out of our realm of understanding. There must be a reason, but the fact remains we not only don’t understand it, we have trouble accepting that. There is a greater plan that we aren’t aware and can’t comprehend with our limited vision.

Then to, we must come to the truth that God does help those who help themselves. I admit, I was distracted by other things and did not see to the warning cries of that bird right away.  How often are we distracted with life’s unimportant things that we don’t see what God is calling us to do? If you see suffering in front of your eyes, I believe you are seeing it to do something about it.

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The larger truth is that much of the suffering in this world comes from the choices of others and yes, those of our own. God gave us free will to do what is right, or to do what is not right. For example, if someone had not abandoned that cat, it would not have been outside to kill that baby bird. The truth is, someone made a unconscious and selfish choice to abandon this cat. Simply put, if we want to end suffering we must make better choices. Moral choices.  Have integrity.


Integrity and morality, among many other things is not stealing from someone, keeping our word, being kind. Not caring so much about material things, and help end the greed that is destroying our world  and begin it by examining our own values. We must care about something other than what benefits only ourselves. Be unselfish. Be caring. Chose to think kinder thoughts, speak kinder words, to act compassionately in our community.When we do this, we teach others to do it. Your friends, your family, your children. Over time, generations of people will not only know better, they will do better. Yes, there will still be evil in this world, but there will be more of us than there is of them. The Light can win over dark. But we must do better. Global events are showing us that we must do better. God is calling us home to each other.



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