All faiths, all cultures, all orientations and all walks of life are welcome to my blog. At this time of year, we enter into a season that is divine and holy to people of many different faiths.  For Christians, it’s the holy week of Easter, which symbolizes his persecution, death and resurrection. This holiday season, connect with the Jesus that you may not realize is here for us. All of us.

Are you uncomfortable with the concept of Jesus? 

Are you unreconciled with him due to past  experiences with Christian hypocrisy, intolerance and judgment?

Or do you feel your spirituality just doesn’t it into the religious box?    Then please, read on because that was me too…...

 Jesus. Jesus the Christ. Master Jesus and the many other names he goes by, for many people, even those on a spiritual path, have yet to be reconciled with Jesus due to differences in religious theology, negative experiences with organized religion, and the many injustices carried out in his name. It took me many years to reconnect with Jesus due to all of that. More “Christians” turn people away from Jesus than they bring to him. They make God small.

More Christians turn people away from Jesus than they bring to him. They make God small. Eileen Anglin Click To Tweet

Who Jesus really goes way beyond the scope of my knowledge. I can only write about how I feel about him. I hope the readers – regardless of faith – will put aside whatever associations may be blocking them from connecting with the ultimate master of healing and the teacher of how to live a earthly life that is for the highest good for all.

I like to think that Jesus must have had a wonderful sense of humor. That he would have been  warm, approachable and without judgment. I would like to believe he doesn’t care what religion you are or whether you follow “rules” that have nothing to do with God’s  all encompassing Love.  I would like to think he is aware and disappointed with how so many have needlessly suffered due to how his teachings have been used by humanity.

Jesus was an eloquent speaker.  When I need help in any kind of conversation that is going to be difficult,  I just call on the Master of Speeches, Jesus the Christ.  It can be anything from how to talk to family, friends, co workers or even  tackling everyone’s favorite activity, public speaking.

Jesus can and does work miracles in people’s lives.  He is the Master of transformational healing – he heals in people what has previously seemed impossible. For example, my mom smoked cigarettes since she was 15 years old. She tried to quite many times but couldn’t. No amount of pleading and crying from her kids could stop it. Not even a diagnosis of emphysema could make her quit.  Then one day, when my mom was in her 50’s, my brother’s got down on their knees and prayed for Jesus to heal her of her addiction to cigarettes. She wasn’t aware of this. When she got up the next morning, she had no desire for cigarettes and never smoked again for the rest of her life.

I believe with the help of Jesus,  people can change overnight or begin to make positive choices and transform their life.  I believe the key is surrender. We  surrender our control of how we are healed.  When we finally get to that place that we can’t do it alone and that life will be and is better lived with whatever you believe is God as your partner in life,  the real captain of  your ship, it will all fall into place. We all have to come to that. It can be hard for people to give up the control, addictions or other destructive patterns we still want to engage in. Once we are on the other side of them though, living in the Light, we see how they pale in comparison to living a wholesome life with a strong connection to Divine Spirit and who we truly are, or were meant to be.

I also believe the true angels can assist us in helping our egos fall away so we can come to that place of surrender and begin working with  Jesus in earnest. Remember that Jesus knows what it was like to be human with all of our foibles, faults and challenges. Know that he understands the struggles we go through. He knows all people  really want is love, compassion, forgiveness, truth, beauty, understanding and connection to something bigger than us.  What I call “Grace.”Anyone who wants that can have it regardless of what we have done in our lives. The key is to surrender to the healing and then take active steps in making the right choices.

We can’t make that decision for anyone but ourselves. But we can certainly pray for them like my brother’s did for my mom.  In my belief system, I believe God hears our prayers. I feel the angels  hear your prayers. Jesus hears them, and so does Mother Mary.  But a reminder, because it wouldn’t be my blog if I didn’t add this:  Then you must do what you need to do too.  My mom took action that morning she woke up.  People have to really want to change their lives. Knowing something does not get you where you need to go. Knowing what can help us is very different than actually doing what will help us.

Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Click To Tweet

Keep praying. Prayer is powerful. Just be mindful to surrender the prayer to Jesus the healer of all things for the highest good of all involved, and then do what you need to do on your end.

Happy Easter week.


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