How My Artwork is Created


How My Angelic Energy Art is Created and What it Brings To Us

After experiencing a near death experience as a child, I have had a direct connection with the angelic realm. I have been creating inspired and channeled works of angelic energy art, writings and guided healing meditations for the public since 1990.

For the art, the angels tell me the colors to use and they guide my hands. I can feel their high vibrational energy intermingling with mine, sharing the same space. When I am painting with the angels, I feel wiser, more loving, a part of everything and everyone. One with all. It’s incredible. I always say that these paintings have not been painted by me, but by Holy Spirit and the angels I am simply the vessel in which they work through.

I am told by the angels that the Angelic Light Rays are infusing the paint, the healing energies of the Light Rays are being infused into the painting. I can feel that occurring as I paint. Coming down from above, through my crown chakra, through my body and my heart space and into my hands, the brush, the paint, the canvas. Remember that angels and the Angelic Light Rays have no time and space restrictions. They can be in everything and with everyone at the same time.Whatever the higher message, whatever specific “task” that archangel or ascended master has is infused and flowing in the painting.

I believe the paintings will bring whatever healing and uplifting energy that the individual who is around it needs and allows, and whatever is in the Divine plan. The future owners of these paintings and prints have been chosen by the angels and await these people to claim them. You will know when a painting or print is intended for you. It will call to you. Days and weeks, months later you will still think about having it in your home, studio or office space.

It is said by the angels and those who have purchased my art that the Angelic Light Ray energies coming from the paintings are best utilized in a place that the purchaser can view it, and be in close proximity of it often. By a favorite chair, a desk, the bedroom. An office. At your desk. A place where you spend time in contemplation or meditating, or a place in your home where you will pass by it often.

Clients have experienced seeing the energies coming from the paintings. The angels tell me that the paintings are infused with the specific healing energies needed, and in cases of special commissioned paintings of angels and guides, the paintings energies are those of these guides. In other words, the paintings are in their own way, alive with the physical energy and presence of the angels. In fact, I always say, these paintings have not been painted by me, but by our creator and the angels, I am simply the vessel in which they work through.

I always get an image from the angels and a feeling about a painting first, then I know it’s time to channel another piece for a higher purpose out there in the world. When I paint the archangels, I always paint them as I have seen them in my blessed visitations with them.

I then wait for a signal from the angels that it is time to begin the painting. This can take anywhere from hours to months. I then prepares the artist’s tools, creates the sacred space where the paintings are done, and go into the state where I open to the wisdom, healing and love of the Higher Realms and angels and then begins. After completion, the paintings then stay in sacred space to air dry.

Whoever buys a print or owns the original will understand. You just have to experience it. I am told by the angels that the future owners of these paintings have been chosen and await these people to claim them.

You will know when a painting is intended for you. It will call to you. You will keep thinking about it after you see it and feel the nudge to have it in your home or office. It may take weeks or even months, but you will keep feeling that nudge until it’s there.


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