“Everything you want is on the other side of your fear.” Jack Canfield

Recently I signed up for a voice over acting class. It terrified me and that is exactly why I had to do it. I have felt the call to bring more creativity into my own life.  I believe that creating connects us to a higher power.  It adds color our life, makes the dull colors of life come alive.

I have always enjoying the voice acting skills of animators. I marvel at how they flesh out the character in a computer game. And who hasn’t noticed the smooth, rich, dulcet voice on a coffee or chocolate commercial? I thought I’d look into this creative arena to feed my creative soul.  Before any interview I give, before any public speaking gig I do, I’m nervous, but the thought of performing in front of anyone terrified me.

I remember hearing an interview with Sarah Jessica Parker years ago and it always stuck with me. She said a role came to her that terrified her, and that is why she had to do it. If something scares you that much, it means your soul needs it and it will grow from it.

We have to delve deeper into our fear and what it is trying to tell us. I worked with people to explore what can happen when we come out from the other side of it.  For years I helped people to shift the patterns and inner dialogue of self-doubt, not feeling good enough and help them work through fear. Sometimes I would coach creative types, such as actors, writers, artists. They need to work past these things to step into the public stage of life. It can be scary to be seen. To shine bright.

I once bombed a public performance event and received some unkind criticism from the teacher and a couple of my peers.  It fed into my “not good enough” shadow. That sort of experience sticks with us and can make it harder to repeat the action in the future. But that is life and we can’t let it make us a victim. We will come up against moments that you can either let define you or turn it around and grow from it.

(I wrote a blog post about rejection, why people are unkind and how not to take it personally. You can read it here.)

Because I was afraid of joining this voice acting class, I had to do it. What kind of life coach would I be if I told you to work through fear but didn’t do it myself?

I couldn’t remain in integrity with myself as a life coach if I let my fear keep me from this class. I really didn’t have a choice. I had to sign up for this class if I was authentic in my professional life.

I t took me three weeks to sign up. My fear kept trying to find an excuse. Knowing that you can’t get rid of fear, you have to work through it. And so I did. I used all the tools I give to my clients. I created an internal dialogue that helped me process the fear of not being good enough.  Then the day came that I found myself in the class. The moment arrived where I had to get up in front of the teacher and the other students and perform. I was so nervous  my voice shook.

I have to give kudos to the teacher, actor Jeffrey Dreisbach. He was supportive, encouraging, warm and welcoming. That is the kind of teacher I needed to encounter working through my fear of failing. I left the class that evening feeling excited. I felt expansive. I felt new creative possibilities for  my life. Because it’s true that everything you want is on the other side of fear. When you feel fear, it means something is incredibly important to your soul growth. Your destiny has been calling to you and it won’t stop until you work through the fear and do it.

It was also cathartic to break through a fear of failure. For me, to break free of the fear of criticism or failure was liberating. I felt unchained by my past.

You can’t get rid of fear, you must work through it.

You can't get rid of fear, you must work through it. Eileen Anglin Click To Tweet

I’m not talking about having a fear of something dangerous that could harm you and doing it anyway. You know exactly what I am talking about. I’m talking about the fear of doing something that brings you out of your comfort zone. The fear of stepping into the public eye when you are afraid of being seen. The fear of failure when you are doing something you aren’t great at (yet.) The fear of being creative and having someone tell you you’re not any good.  The fear of being visible because you’re so hard on how you look.

I can go on and on…

How do you work through the fear? You must embrace the truth that you can’t get rid of fear, you have to learn to work through it. You have to feel the fear and do it anyway. After you do what you are afraid of doing, you realize it wasn’t that bad. But you only get there through taking the action that scares you.

You have to kearn how to create tools to help you process it. You also need to learn how to change your inner dialogue. Find out where the fear is coming from (lack of self-worth, fear of failure, etc.)  You are capable of handling this. Ask yourself, if  you trusted yourself, would you do it? Trust yourself enough to know that even if you do stumble, you will be okay.

Tell yourself that you are worthy and you choose to be happy with this new choice you’re making. Know that deep in your soul, that fear is just a door to a room filled with something so big, so important, so life changing, that it scares you a little. You know that what is behind that door is important to you. When you move through the fear, your life will open up to you.

Eileen Anglin

Work through your fear. Defeat your self sabatoge. Work through  self doubt, fear of success, fear of being seen.

Work with me to live a life that elevates you.


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