Archangel Empowerment® with Eileen Anglin and The Path of the White Rose LLC

Author, angelic energy artist, energy healing master and intuitive life coach creating global change, one heart at a time.

Helping you raise your vibration, get a clear connection to the angels and move past self doubt, excuses, fear of success, fear of being seen and not feeling good enough. Live the life you were born to live. It’s time to shine your light. The world needs it.

When the “law of attraction” just isn’t working.

When the goals you try to achieve never manifest.

When all the books, prayers, readings and workshops have not brought you any closer to that thing you are missing in your life.

On my Blog you will find empowering angel messages, healing meditations and uplifting invocations and affirmations. Click here to go to my blog.

Work with me and the archangels to raise your vibration,  get a clear connection with them and begin moving you in the right direction! We will work together to create the life you want.

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